SES: Six Tips For Local Search Advertising

    August 22, 2007

A session on Local Search Marketing Tactics just finished up at SES San Jose, the speakers provided a number of tips on local search.

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Patricia Hursh, president of SmartSearch Marketing spoke about local search advertising.

She offered six tips for local search advertising.

1. Integrate multiple targeting methods

2. Focus on the customer’s decision criteria

3. Capitalize on "local speak"

4. Drive in-store visits and phone calls

5. Understand all possible ad positions

6. Utilize local search advertising for big brands

She then spoke on the types of PPC campaigns. Geo-targeted ads should be used to reach the maximum number of local searchers and improve local relevance. Local keywords should be used to reach target audience not in a designated area.

Brand campaigns should be used for visibility and brand building.

She added you should capitalize on "local speak" by writing culturally relevant ads and using local lingo. The ad should be focused on the local aspects of your business and you should differentiate yourself from big national competition.

She went on to say you should focus on local ad products that provide maps. She pointed out that Google Local Business Ads are displayed on Google Maps results pages but there is lots of cross over with ad placement.

Local ads also appear on main page results.

She closed by saying that local search advertising equals brand integrity and local relevance.