SES: Searcher? Oh, Behave!

    August 21, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The way searchers behave on search engines provides a lot of insight into what companies can do to improve their search services. A SES San Jose panel covered some recent enlightenment on searcher behavior research.

SES: Searcher? Oh, Behave!
SES: Searcher? Oh, Behave!

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Pavan Lee of Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions has a lot of respect for soccer moms. Microsoft has measured and explored their Net usage to determine the role of search in their buying habits.

It’s fertile ground for exploration. Lee said their findings showed their soccer moms possessed considerable Net and search savvy. They also have tremendous influence on household purchases.

Nine out of ten of them use the Net a couple of times a day, and when they surf they are looking for deals. Lee noted that 80 percent of the moms look for something in the consumer-packaged goods category at least once a day.

ComScore senior VP James Lamberti said these packaged goods searches bode well as a preview of the “digital shelf,” where Net users can browse just as they do in a brick and mortar marketplace.

As e-commerce entrepreneurs reach for customers, Lamberti suggested they market to the consumer