SES San Jose Women's Luncheon

    August 15, 2007

There was a time, and it wasn’t that long ago really, where one could go to a show like SES and come away thinking that there just weren’t many women in the industry at all. Rebecca Lieb once joked to me that there was never any lines for the women’s restrooms at search conferences.

I suspect that’s why a few years ago the women of search started organizing a little ladies-only luncheon. No doubt as a reprieve of sorts from being surrounded by a bunch of nerdy search-dudes all week.

Times have changed though. Especially in the past couple of years. Now there are almost as many women as men at these shows. The Women’s Luncheon is still alive and well though – they just need bigger tables now.

So if you meet the criteria, which I suppose consists of being; a) involved somehow in search and b) a woman, you should go check it out.

Li Evans from tells me all you need to do is hit the SES San Jose Women’s Luncheon page and follow the instructions to RSVP.

Maybe I’ll crash it this year… or just go in drag under an alias.