SES San Jose Gets Fresh With Marketers

    August 21, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

SES San Jose has come ’round the calendar again and while the event is now a routine part of the search marketer’s year, there are newer focuses in 2008 keeping conversations fresh and progressive. Where previous years had centered on linking, keyword strategies, viral marketing, tagging, and other standard fare, this year adds a surprising shift in flavor toward video SEO, search marketing economics, and even some peripheral subjects.

Video SEO

Ever since YouTube smacked the Web in 2005, followed by the iconic purchase by Google, web video cast a bit of a shadow over social networking. Now that Google is crawling Flash, video is even more front and center. In this textual report, Greg Jarboe explains the importance of video relativity and how sharing increases exposure. But truer to form, we also have videos on the video concept, one from VP Bob Bahramipour, explaining how textual search relates to online video, and another from video search engine Pixsy’s Chase Norlin on how RSS feeds are crucial to video SEO.

The Search Economy

Everybody’s on a tighter budget these days, including marketers. In this video,’s Sean Walsh talks about how the economy is affecting paid search, and repeats his bear market outlook in a summary from the State of the Search Industry session. Budgeting for search, then, becomes more important than ever, a topic continued as marketers ask Where’s Money for Search Going?

Twitter, Google Boogie, iADD

One thing many weren’t talking about last year was Twitter. In a video interview Michael Gray talks about this "really, really interesting tool." While we had his ear, we also pinged Gray about developing inbound links while staying on Google’s good side. Speaking of Google’s good side, Andy Beal posts a few photos from the Google Dance, where geeks go to get down; hopefully they’re not dancing to the "Rock Band" tunes emitting from a dedicated stage.

Feel like we’re jumping topics a lot? Blame the Internet. Lee Siegal thinks the Web is damaging our attention spans. Maybe that will provide another straw for Microsoft to grasp as Satya Nadella, in his keynote, tries to simultaneously get search marketers’ attention while convincing them Microsoft is just as good as Google in the search department. Maybe they should enlist Seinfeld for search as well as for the PC.