SES – Ms. Dewey Charges Into Keynote Discussion

    April 12, 2007

I had it on good authority that Ms Dewey was on the premises this morning at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in NYC. My source knew I’d want to be warned because my husband Eric was with me, and Ms Dewey has been known to be quite the entertainment in our house. So when she stormed on stage, interrupting Steve Berkowitz, of Windows Live, and Danny Sullivan, who was interviewing him, a pile of people in the front row turned around and pointed to Eric and I in the second row, cracking up.

Everybody knows how much I love MsDewey. Not.

It would have been so totally cooler if the Geico Cavemen burst on stage. But, they have nothing to do with Microsoft Search and she does. She is, in fact, part of the future of search, according to Steve Berkowitz.

At around the time Danny asked if MSN might be partnering with Yahoo!, the actress, Janina Gavankar, who plays Ms. Dewey, struts on stage in her slinky black dress and loud mouthed, take charge of the army kind of way. She flashes the Star Trek hand gesture for “Live Long and Prosper” to the audience, as she grabs a seat in between Danny and Steve, saying, “This is your speak, isn’t it?”

In her traditionally wacky, I’ll-dance-naked-on-the- bar-for-you kind of way, she teases Steve by saying, “You look really leadery.” He launches into a promotional dialog about delivering search in a different way and who can do this better than MsDewey?

During the roughly three minutes she was up there, she didn’t shut up. She inquires with Steve about her future and makes a list of demands for what she wants (”I want to go to Paris, or Panama…”) and apparently “Jeeves” is her chauffer now. Despite her script and its theme of the “future of search”, Danny seemed a little surprised at the intrusion and forgot where he was in his questioning. (In a conversation with Danny before the start of the program, he denied knowing she was there, but we figured he was faking us out and knew all along.)

I could hardly believe Eric got to see her this close. Aren’t I awesome to drag him along to these conferences so he can see the naughty MsDewy in person?

As she strides off-stage, she cuts out into the audience, down the aisle to the left of us, muttering (still in character), “What a bunch of geeks…oh! Is the mike still on?”

Funnily enough, I was sitting with Lisa Barone (my source for advanced warning, by the way). An older gentleman sitting next to Lisa seemed quite taken with the beautiful and vivacious MsDewey. He kept asking Lisa who that woman was, why she was here and what the URL was to get to her. He asked for the URL about five times. Guess she’s got a new fan.

Eric confessed to me at lunch that he’s “so over” Ms Dewey.

Good for him. I, however, am not ready to end my crush on the Geico Cavemen.


I’m reporting for the SERoundtable, and will try to squeeze highlights into my blog here and possibly another blog I write for. Stay tuned for a variety of stories, from serious to silly. Tomorrow I’ll be very busy reporting sessions and attending an SEO Womens lunch gathering.