SES Goodies

    April 19, 2007

Well, it took me 5 days to post that I am back from the SES show in NYC. (Can I be “back” if I live in NYC?”) Anyway, below are a few ideas, tips, reminders, etc that were mentioned at the SES show.

  • When doing PPC, be sure to separate 1 campaign per country. Don’t combine different countries into one campaign. Brad Geddes
  • Different states respond differently to ad copy and landing pages, so be sure to test not only by keyword but also by a different state. (this can be a bit tricky with IPs)
  • If you do local PPC not only will you look more relevant to the searcher, but you’ll get an extra line for your PPC ad that will display the state thus making your ad take more real estate.
  • When testing PPC ads, try testing “themes” instead of just different word variations. So make Ad1 focus on price, Ad2 focus on free shipping, Ad3 on Branding, etc.
  • When testing different PPC AdWords ad variations, be sure to select “even serving” so that Google serves your ads evenly…. or at least promises to do so.
  • Create profiles on major social networks for your company. Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, etc. Some of these pass link juice. Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin
  • In PPC campaigns, use “Broad Match” to learn about your audience and “exact match” to increase your quality score.
  • Mobile search is about 2-3 years away from being important to many. Very small percentage of people use phones to search for things other than ring tones and wallpaper.
  • Look at your conversion rate and the time of day. For the times when the conversion rate goes up … bid more and when it lowers … bid less.
  • There are over 100 different elements that determine where your PPC AdWords ad ranks and what you’ll pay per click.
  • Don’t be afraid to test your PPC ads. Google encourages this practice. (EDITOR NOTE: I noticed that PAUSING your AdWords keywords or parts of the campaign will effect your ranking negatively. Whatever you do … try not to pause things that you’ll resume later. Just lower the CPC to a minimum for the time being.
  • If you have pages with VERY similar content that Google might consider “duplicate”, choose a page that converts the best and put a “no follow” or Robots.txt on the others to prevent Google from crawling those other pages. Shari Thurow (thank you for reviewing our corp site)
  • With content match, having your ads show up in top 3 is crucial for a decent CTR. Those who see content ads are not necessarily searching for your company, thus they will not look through 5+ content matched ads. They might glance over the first 3 (IF the ads catch the attention). Anton Konikoff (fellow Russian)
  • Treat your website’s Meta description tag more as a “sales pitch” rather than an SEO trick. Your meta description content is displayed most of the time just under the link. What you say might influence a person to either click on your natural listing or avoid it.
  • Integrate your keywords with the on-page copy. Example: “Our team” or “Our service” would say “Our search marketing team” or “Our event planning service.” Jill Whalen

To be Continued…