SES Chicago: Usability & SEO

    December 4, 2007

At the SES session Usability & SEO: Two Wins For The Price of One the speakers focused on building both user friendly sites and search engine friendly sites.

SES Chicago returns, and WebProNews is on hand to bring you reports and videos from the Windy City.  Enjoy our coverage this week.

Shari Thurow, Founder and SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive said users satisfaction is huge in search usability. Components of search usability include a sense of place that answer the questions why I am here, what I am doing.

Another component is the scent of information, is the information you are looking for on the page. Thurow said," You have to tell people what to do on a Web site. If everything blends in, people aren’t going to perform a call of action." You should organize your sites content into groups for navigation.

She said to," Be sure to test usability," and to "balance user goals and business goals."

Matt Bailey, President of SiteLogic said, "Simply getting more and more numbers to your Web site, is not the answer. It’s getting them to react."

There are three types of searcher:
1. Specific searcher (Sharp shooter)
2. Concept searcher (Shotgun)
3. Idea searcher (Artillery)

He said writing content is just as important as the design of the content. Content should answer how it will make life easier. Call things what they are and speak in user’s language.

Bob Tripathi, Search Strategist for Discover Financial Services said, "Without Web site usability, you don’t have search engine usability." Look at overall goals and don’t focus on various departments but work together.

Make sure to test everything and develop guidelines before you begin. He closed saying,"SEO education is the best investment tool you could ever have."

WebProNews Internet reporter/anchor Abby Prince contributed to this article.