SES Chicago: The I-word, Discussed

    December 4, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

If you want to build up investment interest in your SEO/SEM firm, you have to make your company compelling enough to separate capital from capitalists.

SES Chicago returns, and WebProNews is on hand to bring you reports and videos from the Windy City. Enjoy our coverage this week.

Investment. It’s the key to taking a small business to a larger scope, or even beyond.

For all of its wealth today, Google required some seed investing to build its scale. The same idea applies to the search marketing world.

Patricia Hall of Hallmark Capital talked about what SEMs need if they want to be the object of desire of possible investors.

The SEM’s clients rate at the top of her five areas for evaluating a company.

Investors also want to know about the nature of the company’s revenues; their technology strategy; scalability; and the leadership abilities of the firm’s management/ownership.

"There is really not a right answer, but it’s important how all 5 areas interact with one another," said Hall.

The SEM business that has sustainable revenue, visionary leadership, and a competitive positioning in the market will be attractive to investors.

Above all, investment-seeking SEMs need to keep their focus on the needs of their clientele. "Make sure to take care of your clients because your future and your future value depends on it," said Hall.

WebProNews Internet reporter/anchor Abby Prince contributed to this report.

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