SES Chicago: Conversation Creators

    December 4, 2006

1. How’s the show goin’ for ya?

2. Are you enjoying the conference?
3. Have you been to any sessions?
4. Hi, I’m an SEO
5.So what do you do?
5. Hi, I’m a competitive webmaster
6. Isn’t the weather in Chicago in December fantastic?!?
7. How’s the weather in your DMA?
8. Do you like to ski?
9. Did you hear what Matt said in Vegas about owning domains?
10. Whatya think of Buddy Guy?
11. Where’s the coffee? Morning is brutal.
12. What’s a good restaurant in town?
13. Wanna buy some links?
14. So…you ….ummm…like stuff?

I’ll be speaking on “How to work with Ad Agencies” (I’ll represent the “how not to” part:), as well as a panel with Rand, Lee, Neil, and Andy on Social media (it’s like my e-mail box/ messenger list come to life!)

10 Things You Shouldn’t say at SES Chicago

1. Who the hell is Jake?
2. Who’s that guy with the yellow shoes think he is?
3. I was telling this guy from google all of my affiliate sites…
4. Social media sucks, and it’s all a bubble…
5. I had a great experience at o’hare airport…
6. I really can’t figure out how to use adsense…
7. Tim berners who?
8. So what’s the deal with clickfraud…
9. So this is your first conference…
10. (in the men’s bathroom) – I love your site!
11. I met this nice blackhat seo that I traded all my best niche site ideas with – do you have any good ones?
12. The best hosting company is …
13. So I did this cool site all in flash…
14. Links help your rankings?

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Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl made his first horrible looking website full of animated .gifs in 1997, and after fours years of failure and experimentation ended up in the world of SEO and internet marketing in early 2001. He is currently an independent marketing consultant from the SEO school of thought. Todd earned a bachelors of business adminstration from Northwood University in 2003 while running an web design and consulting firm Meta4creations, LLC. Todd is a speaker at both Webmasterworld and Search Engine Strategies conferences.