SES: Blog/Feed SEO: Watch Out For Bullets

    August 8, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The information flooding out of the Blog and Feed Search SEO session at SES San Jose was so rapid and powerful it knocked all of Mike McDonald’s hair off. Because the information is so plentiful, we’ll cut the right to the bald and shiny of Mike’s notes.

Via Amanda Watlington, Ph.D., APR Searching for Profit, on blog and RSS optimization:

    “At this point it’s still westward ho. We are still far from saturation at this point. It’s also far from maturation. There is a lot of work left to be done RSS has been the medium of distribution and growth of most all of the consumer generated content”

    Optimize the blog itself – customize your templates, simplify your archiving structure, css (tweak to improve usage of h1 and h2 etc) permalinks – make them show real titles etc, add robots txt, validate — tweak then validate, then stay put.

    Plug-ins are available for SEO ability for WordPress, Moveable Type, etc.

    Use and build keyword lists

    Don’t use graphics where plain HTML would benefit your SEO

    Focus categories

    Use your blogroll

    Powerful keyword rich copy wherever possible

    Give every post a theme and stay on message

    Use keywords in anchor text with links

    If you link to a resource – cite the resource and link to it.

    Review your keyword research – keyword density is still key

    “I tell people, ‘if you’re going to take the trouble to make a blog, put it on its own domain. Make your blog it’s own independent authority.”

    Socialize the blog

    Gather inbound links

    Cross-link your website

    Join the conversation by blogging about other blogs

    Ramp up traffic thru submissions

    Make it easy to subscribe to

    Optimize your rss feed

    Use keywords in the title

    Use full paths

    Each feed should have a keyword theme

    Make your feeds available for syndication

    Convert your feed to podcasts

That’s enough to process for now. Next time, what Feedburner’s Rick Klau and Netconcepts’ Stephan Spencer have to say about it.

To be continued