Serial Killer Put To Death

    May 13, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

At 2:25 this morning, serial rapist and killer Michael Ross paid his final debt, dying by lethal injection at Osborn Correctional Institution.

The execution was the first in New England since the time Ross was born, 45 years ago. A graduate of Cornell, Ross confessed to strangling eight young women in 1984.

Though his family and death penalty protesters appealed for a stay of execution, the US Supreme Court denied their plea.

Ross himself had no interest in prolonging the process and, once a Superior Court judge ruled that he wasn’t mentally incompetent, his fate was sealed.

Ross expressed remorse for his heinous acts.

“I owe these people. I killed their daughters. If I could stop the pain, I have to do that. This is my right. I don’t think there’s anything crazy or incompetent about that,” he said.