Serena Williams to Play Swedish Open After Wimbledon Early Exit

    July 5, 2014
    Shana Norris
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Serena Williams has confirmed that she will play the Swedish Open, according to tournament director Nina Wennerstrom.

On Tuesday Williams exited her doubles match at Wimbledon mid-match due to a viral illness that left her shaky and feeling faint.

In what was widely referred to as a “strange” scene, Williams appeared to be disoriented during warm-ups, having difficulty picking up, tossing, and hitting balls.

After sitting on the sideline with her sister Venus, with whom she was to play the doubles match, and Wimbledon personnel, Williams began the match but withdrew following the third game.

“I am heartbroken I’m not able to continue in the tournament. I thought I could rally this morning because I really wanted to compete, but this bug just got the best of me,” she said in a statement later that day.

Williams says she’s getting better, albeit slowly:

The Collector Swedish Open opens July 14 in Bastad, Sweden.

Williams will be defending her title in the upcoming tournament. Last July she defeated Sweden’s tennis darling Johanna Larsson in the final round, marking her first international-level title.

Following her 2013 win, Williams said:

“It’s been such a great experience here … when I wake up I see the ocean – it reminds me a little bit of home … it’s just a really, really good feeling to have such a great city at your fingertips, and everything a player could possibly need is at your fingertips as well.”

Bastad is located on the southwest coast of Sweden near the straits of Kattegat, midway between the cities of Halmstad and Helsingborg.

Indeed Williams is no stranger to coastal towns. When she was an infant her family moved from her birthplace of Saginaw, MI to Compton, CA which is located just south of Los Angeles. When she was nine-years-old they relocated to West Palm Beach, FL.

Image via YouTube, Tennis World

  • Tom

    Serena, you really need to check yourself out — both physically and spiritually. The Lord God Jehovah Jireh and His Son, Christ Jesus, are trying to get your attention. They made you and desire a personal relationship with you, but are not pleased with the amount of flesh being flaunted by people in the world today.
    If you turn to the Lord, I believe He will restore your strength, and as a witness show you a greater purpose than just playing tennis. Yes, there is a greater purpose in the Kingdom of God on Earth than what you are fulfilling.
    Regards, Blessings in Him,

    • Mary Frances

      We are all judged by one GOD not man, go tell your family members about your god.

  • dali

    Jehovah God didn’t leave you to be Judge. He is looking at heart’s. Let him without sin cast the first stone. If I were you I would take off running !!!

  • Robert LeClair

    Never, ever wear a swimsuit in public. You are no Maria Sharapova !

    • MsPeaceful

      Serena, dont want to be a darn maria sharapova. Beyonce looks better than maria sharpaova and so does halle berry. say something about that.

    • beardzgorski@gmail.com

      spoken like like a true redneck!.

    • Mary Frances

      I glad she is not! who want to look at a dish pan blonde.

  • ntmessage

    The woman’s finals at Wimbledon was yesterday and the men’s final is today. Why not wait until well after, so those champions and players can have their time in the sun?

  • Mark

    Serena has uterus

    • beardzgorski@gmail.com

      no, that’s your mother with uterus cancer .

    • Mary Frances

      Do you know what that is or are you just brain dead?

  • frankiejames


    She isn’t meant to be Maria and she does look good. Maybe not your cup
    of tea, coffee, marijuana, whatever, but I would love to have a body
    like hers. Well, a little less behind, but it still looks good.