SEOBook Releases SEM Glossary

    October 20, 2006

Have you ever wondered what all those acronyms and different phrases associated with search marketing stood for? Abbreviations like SEO and SEM and phrases like bait-and-switch, canonical URL, and keyword funnel? Thanks to Aaron Wall at SEOBook, who just released The Search Engine Marketing Glossary, you no longer have to worry about what forum posters and search marketing pundits are talking about.

The glossary is quite comprehensive, featuring just about every word and phrase associated with SEM, including number phrases like 301 and 404. A tool like this can only benefit those who are just starting out in the search marketing world as well as veterans who need to recommend a resource for potential clients.

Not only does Aaron offer the glossary, he also developed it under the Creative Commons license. This means users can “modify it, distribute it, sell it, and keep the rights to whatever you make.” If you are a new search marketer who is getting tired of being confused or a user who just wants to expand their search knowledge base, the SEM Glossary has just what you need.

Chris Richardson
Staff Writer | WebProNews Blog

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