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    January 24, 2007

This Thursday I’ll be doing an audio conference as part of Bulldog Reporter’s PR University on search engine optimization and public relations.

I did one of these in the Spring of 2006 and it went pretty well. I know a lot of practical, hands-on information was given out for the past conference. Attendees ranged from top 10 public relations firms in the U.S. to boutique shops and in-house PR professionals.

The panel this Thursday is very similar as last year and consists of:

  • Sally Falkow from Expansion Plus
  • Jamie O’Donnell, SEO PR
  • Lee Odden, TopRank
  • Sarah Skerik, PR Newswire

I’m looking forward to this one since I know Sally has some great case study information and it’s likely Jamie does as well. Including Sarah Skerik will be good for a perspective from one of the major news wires. I’ll be presenting my “Push Pull PR” model for understanding how SEO, public relations and social media can be leveraged for more effective traditional PR tactics as well as online PR.

The great thing about these tele-seminars is that you benefit personally from the other presenters as well as being a source of information for the attendees.

You can get more details on the audio conference over on the Bulldog Reporter web site.


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