SEO : Optimize for the bottom line

    July 13, 2006

SEO is not a guessing game – metrics tell all.

In an interview with Lee Odden, Laura Lippay from Yahoo made this comment:

Bottom line: you need to optimize for what makes you money.

If your target market is techno geeks and you think you tend to get more referrals from techno geeks from Google Search, then see what you can do to get more quality traffic from there. But if that takes away from your Yahoo! traffic and you end up losing more money when you lose the Yahoo! traffic than you do by your gain in Google traffic, then it’s obvious what you need to do.

This is not a guessing game – all your answers are in your data.

Aint that the truth? A good analytics package will give you the answers. it should be the driving factor in your content strategy. If you don’t watch the data you will be bumpinjg into walls – try this, try that. And you never really know what works and what doesn’t.

Using Merlin Campaign Tracker in addition to ClickTracks,we can track on site behavior and conversion as well as how campaign messages – optimized press releases and RSS feeds – are performing.

Makes a big difference.

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