SEO for Amazon Web Services

    May 18, 2006

Amazon Associates is the grandfather of all affiliate programs, and a pioneer of using XML for webservices.

Associates of Amazon can sell nearly all the products that amazon offers. Each time that an Amazon associate sells something through their site, they can get a commision for that product, just as if they were selling goods in a regular department store.

The Amazon Associates program is an excellent affiliate program if you are an entrepreneur. You will have the opportunity to sell just about anything from dvds, to books, games and electronics. Some people focus on niche markets, while others choose to provide everything under the sun. Beginners can choose to add products to their sites by copying and pasting the code that Amazon provides. This is very simple to do and doesn’t take any time to get started. Amazon makes it easy to be a partner. More advanced users may choose to utilize the amazon web services.

No matter what method you choose to use, it will be important for you to get new users to your site. Part of getting new users to your site will be getting your product pages indexed into the search engines. You will want to practice traditional seo techniques such as adding keywords and page titles to your pages. In addition to optimizing your individual product pages, you will also want to manage a link campaign, with one way links pointing to your important category pages.

You will want to work on integrating the Amazon product information into your style or design so that while you might have similar text as other sites, overall it can be a totally different page from everything else on the net. Incorporate client testimonials, search boxes, feature products and menus in an innovative package, which will help you largely in providing value to your sites visitors and to the search engines as well.

Amazon Web Services will be the biggest challenge as you deal with large volumes of dynamic content. This doesn’t have to be a problem as has displayed. They’ve found a way to optimize their pages in a way that is attractive to their visitors and to the search engines. Each of their product pages have keywords and unique page titles, impressive.

Remember that Amazon offers millions of products, so, if you use the amazon web services, you open the door to having millions of pages indexed in the search engines. Think about that for a second, millions of pages equals millions of potential landing pages to your site. Even if you didn’t sell anything which would be pretty hard to do (unless you didn’t add a buy button), you’ve still got plenty of web real estate to put contextual ads on or other advertising.

Having a website that provides Amazon Web Services gives you the ability to have a recurring revenue stream so, there is lots of potential to have a long lasting cash flow. There isn’t any cost to fee to join the Amazon Associates program, and because it’s one of the oldest and known affiliate programs, you can find lots of documentation and even blogs about how to earn revenue.

As part of any seo strategy, you will want to add an rss feed and sitemap. Both will help with getting your pages indexed faster. Amazon does have copy and paste code available for the novice user to use, more advanced users will develop a custom feed of some sort. Once you have made search engine friendly changes to your site, can stand back and watch the crawlers come index your site.

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