SEO Basic Steps

    October 25, 2006

Search Engine Optimization Process

You asked, we listenedHere is a basic outline of steps taken to get an SEO project off the ground:

Phase One:

  • receives signed agreement from client;
  • Project is assigned to an SEO Team;
  • Introduction email is sent to client;
  • Conference call is scheduled to review specifics of campaign.

Phase Two:

  • Keyword research begins;
  • Comprehensive website analysis is done;
  • In depth content analysis is completed;
  • Keywords are finalized;
  • Link popularity research begins;
  • Search engine submissions are started.

Phase Three:

  • Content writing (if required / authorized by client) is completed;
  • SEO coding is implemented (we create a development folder on your site and do all the initial work within that folder);
  • Client reviews / approves optimization;
  • Optimization goes live!

Phase Four:

  • Client receives monthly ranking reports;
  • Individual page assessments and adjustments are implemented as needed to improve keyword placement.

Of course this is just an outline and project scopes can change, but this is a good guideline to go by.



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