Sensational Titles: So 2006

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Well now that people on the social media sites are starting to catch on / have caught on to link baiting, I’ve noticed it’s much harder to make the likes of the digg or reddit front pages. One to two months ago this was a much easier task. I’m not exactly sure if there has been one incident or algorithm change that caused the increased difficulty of making digg’s front page, but I do know that the window on link baiting is quickly closing.

I think part of the reason of the increased link bait promotion difficulty is people have caught on to the sensational titles that were the critical component of a successful link bait. Its becoming more and more rare to see an “ultimate guide”, or “12 tips you never knew”, on the much sought after front pages of the big time social sites. I think as a general rule these are great copy writing techniques that really spark the readers’ interest, but with the communities link bait radars now on high alert these are now a sure-fire way to get your story buried.

The next logical question becomes “So how do I make my story stand out without a sensational title?” Quite honestly, I’m not exactly sure. I think comes down to several things:

  • High quality domain name. People are now giving an extra look at the domain the story appears on. If you happen to own freedebtconsolidation.info I think you maybe in real trouble.
  • High quality site design. Kill anything that can be construed as ’spammy’: ads or misaligned text and images, or just a crappy all around design.
  • High quality content. Its more important now than ever to create actual valuable content. Take your time, and make your writing as perfect as possible.

The long and short of it is: make a quality website :) … I know, I know, we all hate doing it. I have always defined link bait as creating quality content that adds value and then promoting that content. With the promotion vehicles wising up, the quality content part becomes all the more important, or, maybe you just have to just get used to a lower successful link bait average. If that ends up being the case, I wouldn’t worry, some other link building method will come along shortly.



Sensational Titles: So 2006
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