Seller Boycott Fails To Impress eBay

By: WebProNews Staff - February 25, 2008

Several times in the past, eBay sellers protested changes in site policies with boycotts. Though sellers received more attention this time, they had the same result in effecting a change: zero.

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The impact of the eBay seller boycott comes down to a they said/they said kind of argument. Sellers claim a multi-million listing downturn during the boycott week, while the company claims it had no effect.

At one point, sellers boycotting eBay due to an increase in Final Value fees claimed a drop to 12 million listings would represent a victory. One third party count at DealsCart found a low of some 13.5 million listings on one day last week.

eBay shrugged off the boycott without comment, other than to claim the action had no effect. We don’t see that as being completely true, since thanks to the Internet this boycott received significant attention leading into its run.

Ultimately it played out in the way we believed it would. EBay isn’t going to shift out of a volume-driven model it wants to engage, by rewarding bigger sellers with generous fee discounts.

There could be a Wal-Mart way of thinking in place at eBay’s San Jose HQ. The world’s largest retailer makes a lot of money in volume at its brick and mortar stores. For eBay to gain a similar bottom line, they have to scale upwards.

Many of our readers generously commented on our earlier thoughts about the start of the boycott. One commenter claimed the boycott had the desired outcome:


I’m technically not in the boycott, because even if eBay changes the rules, I’m not coming back. I have abandoned the account and when the 180 mandnatory waiting days have passed, it will dissappear. That’s $50-$80 per month they’ve lost out on and I wasn’t that active of a seller. To our boycott delight, many of the sellers that are leaving eBay are the kilobuck powersellers. THAT is what will hurt eBay the most.


Another commenter embraced those departures:


Goodbye boycotters, and good riddance. I’ll enjoy taking your customers.


And yet another commenter suggested the fee increase would go toward offsetting outgoing CEO Meg Whitman’s ill-fated purchase of Skype. Zing!

We were impressed at the number of people who cited how they bootstrapped their ecommerce sites after departing eBay, not to mention the number of suggestions for online auction alternatives. They voted with their feet and substantial action in response to conditions at eBay they found less than desirable.

Boycotts come and go whenever eBay makes a change. We said it before and we’ll say it again: eBay saw minimal impact from the latest one. Faced with another boycott, eBay dropped its listing fees with a one-day special in advance.

Think about that for a second. Boycotters threatened to deprive eBay of business. EBay responded by giving up fee income on top of whatever impact the boycott could generate. If that didn’t reinforce the message of eBay’s shift in strategy, nothing else will.

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  • Guest

     This protest was mainly about the fact that sellers won’t be able to leave negative feedback for buyers, but buyers can leave negatives for sellers — an unfair, ridiculous policy that does nothing but encourage dishonest buyers.


    • rcianche

      To me, the seller boycott is just a symbol of the problems with Ebay due to poor, poor management. Since when is it good business to be at war with your customers? What business school teaches that as a strategy for success?

      I’m not a seller, but have purchased a $5000 car and a $300 mp3 player from EBay in the past, as well as bidding on less than a handful of other items over about a two-year period. Pretty good customer, I’d say.

      Imagine my surprise when I tried logging in one day only to receive a message that my account had been suspended. A series of emails attempting to find out exactly what "behavior" caused the suspension resulted in nothing but EBay insisting I need to provide them with checking account#, first born child, etc. in order to use their service: no explanation would be provided. Needlesss to say, I no longer use EBay and am looking forward to the day when they have alienated their entire customer base and find they’ve gone elsewhere. I didn’t need EBAY for the first 45 years of my life; do they really think I can’t survive without them now?

      Burn, baby, burn!

      • Guest

        they opperate like utilities when there was no choice. back when the utilities could do no wrong and did not need to compete if they wanted to they just disconnected you. eBay opperates the same. Sellers are up in arms and buyers are being screwed and last I remember with no buyer there are no sellers…and then no eBay.

        • CEP

          I’m watching what the stock is saying, not what ebay is putting out.

      • Heidi

        Your words:   I didn’t need EBAY for the first 45 years of my life; do they really think I can’t survive without them now?

        Cheers, would you like to go for a glass of wine? We could talk about how great Amazon is. lol

  • bidalotapotamus

    And buyers joined in because we will no longer be able to evaluate the validity of feedback left as all buyers will have the same feedback. This makes it an unsafe market. Also, sellers will not be able to determine who’s a deadbeat and who’s not, meaning I’ll have to wait longer for my goods and encounter more problems if the mail actually does lose my payment in the mail. 

  • The Old Sale

     I don’t get what the sellers were so upset about. eBay raised commissions, but made listing fees lower and made gallery pictures free.

    I’m inclined to agree with the other commenter – the feedback thing had more to do with it.

    I’d personally like to see the volume-driven electronics shops gone from eBay, leaving more unique collectible antiques and other weird items like in the old days.

    • another buyer

      But you won’t. That is the problem.  With the small sellers leaving because of the new fees, Ebay will be left to large volume sellers.  You will actually see more of what you don’t want to see.  And I agree with you.  The old Ebay was unique.  Now it is just big business, and most of the time I can get what I want locally at a retail center…especially by the time you add on shipping.  Or online through the sales and discount buyers with free shipping or coupons.  I was never a large volume purchaser or seller, but I always checked Ebay.  But I have been burned by a couple of sellers and lost money, so if my option to buy from a retailer was only a couple of dollars more,  I opted for te retailer.  And lately Ebay has not been able to keep up and it looks like the new policies will make it worse, so I think we will see a trickle down effect where the buyers will start going somewhere else.  I mean…you have the whole internet.  I bought textbooks several years ago through Amazon from a dealer in England, so cost competition will kill Ebay.

    • Guest

      EBay may have lowered their listing fees, but they RAISED their Final Fees, so you pay more on the end deal.

      Yes, the feedback thing is also yet another way to rip off sellers. Their customer service stink as well. When greed sets in, all reason goes out.

    • Guest

      If you do the math.. it may come out to the commission they get is more than paying for the listing and free gallery.. They got everyone excited with the lower listing fees, free gallery but then to compisate they raised the FVF

      I use to pay them about 600 a month just a small seller, but when they increased it the last time, i  list only a few items, paying them no more than 30 a month.. there has got to be a different high traffic honest, non penny pincher auction site somewhere but where??

  • tired of it

    The boycott was successful only in that it created a lot of bad publicity for ebay. Ebay sellers who didn’t boycott admit they are fed up with feebay’s continued disrespect of its seller base. Even ebay Voices members are expressing disgust and disbelief at ebay’s latest moves — and these folks are generally ebay promoters.

    How long can a company continue to treat its customers — sellers — like so much scum, create bad publicity globally, create rules that will make it harder for new sellers to compete (thus slowing site growth), and continue to maintain its position in the marketplace? But ebay doesn’t listen to its sellers.

    Check out what the buyers think of the new search (on the Search boards). They are none too happy. So much for attracting buyers with these changes! Buyers are reporting they can’t find squat on ebay anymore and demanding ebay stop fooling with the search. But ebay doesn’t listen to its buyers.

    Check out Skip McGrath’s blog (ebay author , 3rd party provider and generally a big proponent of ebay). Perhaps these counter-intuitive moves are really just meant to set the stage for………….




  • Minneapolis Seller

    I started selling on ebay as a hobby, to have fun buying at local auctions and resell for a modest profit. The best part was seeing how happy buyers were when they found something they had been looking for. Out of 440+ transactions I have run into 4-5 bad eggs, scammers or just plain crazy people. Still, I had managed to avoid a negative feedback. The satisfied buyers made up for it. I don’t need the aggravation of people making threats to leave me bad feedback. Yes, it has already started.  Anyone who has worked hard to maintain a spotless reputation would be upset. The additional threat to hold our paypal funds and tell us to mail before we receive payment is the last straw.

     As postage costs have increased the amount spend on bids has declined. There is no profit to be made, it is actually costing me money to continue to list. I am done with it.  The company has not been willing to listen to any reasonable protests about these changes-they have made it clear they do not want our business.

    • Guest

      your right – the feedback is used as a means to take advantage of sellers and paypal offers very little seller protection and if you ship via usps you do have a leg to stand on – they simply state they did not receive the package and the seller loses

      • Guest

         Delivery confirmation my friend! I discovered that issue a while back when I sold a 20 yr old xmas catalog to a person who claimed they never received it, and the seller is left holding the bag. For a mere $1.25 you include delivery confirmation, which basically is a way of tracking if the package was delivered. If you have delivery confirmation on any USPS shipment, you can prove the package was delivered. I used to just include it in the fees, and not give people the option of choosing it, cause ultimately the burden of proof is on the seller.


  • jake1234_7

    I had poste this before and I am going to post it again, the sellers are being harressed and dicriminated against.


    As a seller and I speak for alot of sellers, the question is why are we punished on the word of buyer who claims alot of things just tto get free stuff or scam the sellers. I am not saying the 100% perfect there are some bad apples out there, and they should be punished or given negative remarks, but the buyers could do anything they and get a way with it.


    So far I pulled off maybe a 150 items and sent them to other auctions and I dont see any lose actually I have a gain.

    I think sellers should get together in groups since we are scatter all over and talk over a plan about this not just on this blog, because e-bay knows nothing can happened to them. I spoke to a lawyer and he is interested in this and is going following it closely

  • Brandi

    Whether this is about feedback or fees regarding ebays new policies, the simple truth is that it is about more money in their pockets and less in the sellers. If sellers aren’t happy, then they should auction their items somewhere elese. Ultimately, if enough sellers leave I think they will get the hint.

  • Jackie

    Ebay has to remember that the sellers are Ebay’s customers and the buyers are the sellers customers! Without OUR customers, ebay would not have the FVF income and the listing fees income!

  • Guest

     An increase of fees causes resentment. Disempowering sellers causes anger. When a man, especially, has power taken away from him, expect trouble. The balance of power between seller and buyer has radically changed. The buyer now calls all the shots. What made Ebay decide on this idiotic course of action is unknown. Were they simply finding a way of getting rid of the small guy? Otherwise, why not simply improve the feedback system.

    Whatever happened to the infamous Ebay ethos, "Everyone is born inherently honest."

  • Paul

    With eBay shifting the goalposts yet again, the move away from eBay to other auction sites will eventually give the other sites the boost that eBay doesnt want to see. In the beginning eBay was unique. Now it has competition it should be sticking with the formula they had. "If it aint broke, dont fix it." I see eBay doing alot of damage that will bring the competition to the forefront. But that may also be a good thing for us as consumers. Fingers crossed.

  • Guest

    We are so fed up with eBay we have started our own auction site allowing free listing and small percentage of sales to pay for it.

    try it and Make Your Own Mind Up!

    Have you myomu’d today?


  • Peter T

    I will no longer be selling on eBay – I only sold low value items – although lots of them – increasing fees was bad enough, but altering the Feedback is the nail in the coffin for me.

  • slackker

    Maybe someone should just start their own auction website. There is plenty of script out there. Buy some space or host it yourself. If anyone is interested there is the ebay database that came with their so called propritory software. 

    A Nod Is as Good as a Wink…To a Blind Horse


  • Guest

    What we as sellers need is a GOOD alternative; meaning, we need something where we have a lot of buyers and sellers, like eBay, but either better fees/no fees and terms.  Something that is trustworthy and people will go to.  I’ve seen a lot of people here and on the internet listing sites, but none seems the best so far, most are all the same.  I started using but there are just no sales there yet.  They seem really good, and extremely easy to use, I think they just don’t have the traffic we need. 

    I also have used but they have a listing and final fee.  You get charged like $.20 an item, and if you have a dutch auction, it adds up quickly, too.  I think there are other fees as well.


    I don’t know what to do, it seems the web is not a good place for the small sellers anymore.  Fees are getting to be too much, we can’t afford them.


    Feel free to email me if you have any good suggestions, I really need them.  I simply cannot afford eBay anymore.

  • gorehound13

    Pretty sad this situation is and it is all because of greed.Corporate greed is a drag but as others have said there are other alternatives out there.

    I have an EBAY acct and I seel and buy stuff there but I am a small seller.Raising fees is a drag for me but this feedback thing is an even worse thing to do to us.


    Now we can get negatives but not be able to give them as sellers so what is the point of even having feedback.I have a few things I want to sell but I will try to sell them elsewhere.I may opt to stop doing anything on EBAY.Buying or selling.

  • Guest

    I was a power seller and brought in 3-4,000. per month. I learned rather fast that ebay’s feedback stinks. Several times, I reported deadbeat bidders and although I was able to leave negative feedback and their feedback was usually removed by ebay. The buyers went to rip off complaint sites and smeared my name there.

    That was only the begining. I had a 2,000 ebay bill one month – I had  cancelled paying ebay using my paypal account earlier. Next thing I know, ebay then sent me a bill for 2000.00 and even though I told ebay not to take money from my paypal anymore, they put a claim against my paypal account. Took all the money that was in that account and paypal tried taking money from my bank account but was stopped from my bank as they suspeced that it was fraud!

    I had numerous items which were digital items. I had numerous people contacting me telling me that ebay’s digital delivery system didn’t work. Did I get the service I paid for? – No.

    I had over 300 listings that were allowed to finish on ebay even though ebay had put the claim against my paypal account without my knowledge, consent or approval. All the auctions were worthless as no one could purchase my items. Again, Did I get what I paid for? – No.

    Watching this latest change in ebay’s policy doesn’t surprise me in the least. As a matter of fact, I can see ebay’s stock and sales falling in the years to come. I have since turned to other ways to make money on the internet and have been doing better than I could have ever done on ebay.

    No hassles. No feedback system and my profit has never been better thanks to leaving ebay and looking at other ways to make money on the internet.

    eBays poor service has lost me as a seller and lost them several thousands of dollars in profits a month – As soon as the new feedback goes into effect and the price increase – That’s when the real boycot will go into effect.. Mark my words. Lots of people are looking to leave the bay for the sea.

  • Guest

    I was never much of a seller, but i was a heavy buyer on Ebay for a while.  Now I distrust any Ebay store and feel that it has become the market place of the shyster and con.  They should just shut it down before everyone who uses it is turned to a pillar of salt.

    I take my business to where I can get an honest trade.  There are a lot of small businesses on the web that want to make you a good deal if you just look for them.


  • Low_Bridge


    Maintaining an entourage of attorneys to repel any entity attempting to compete in fair trade is costly. Competition is healthy. Monopoly isn’t, well as long as you can win at the game, but the spoils of gluttony will one-day consume you. People are everyone’s most important asset, not commissions.

  • 1WEBDEALS Domain Names

    The feedback system on ebay was already poor, the new one will be a joke! I have worked hard to satisfy my customers and have still attracted 1 nutcase who left an unfair neg … without right to appeal, so the thought of not being able to neg NPB’s and explain the situation through neg feedback meant I felt I had to move on.

    With the new rules any deadbeat buyer that doesn’t pay, or tries to extort sellers using feedback ……. can no longer receive any negative feedback at all!!!!

    My understanding is sellers with a certain number of negs will get dropped by ebay search … no one will ever find your listings!
    I can see it now … “give me a cheaper price or I’ll neg you”

    As for the fee rise – come on now … pure GREED.
    Ebay makes HUGE profits from sellers already and putting up fees will simply have the effect of making a stall at the local market more appealing to the mom and dad sellers than internet sales.

    As the small sellers move on all ebay will be left with is big stores full of new items and that is not what all shoppers want to see (after all there are plenty of risk free low cost online stores outside of ebay.)

    Less choice for buyers means they too will walk.

    Alternatively the medium size sellers will have no choice but to raise their prices … will buyers want that?

    I doubt profits were down much on ebay during the boycott because most buyers new nothing of it … but they WILL notice when all their low cost favorite sellers vanish and every one else puts up prices!

    Ebay should take a look at the big picture and reconsider – and buyers and sellers alike should pledge their own private boycotts

    – BUYERS – support this cause by at least looking for items on OTHER auction sites first , then check ebay if you must 😉

    – SELLERS – take a look at what some other sites offer and try to move most of your sales there if you cant stop listing on ebay altogether for now.

    – Tell friends/family coworkers about the unfair situation and ask for their support.

    – email ebay and tell them of your disapproval

    Buyers and Sellers BOTH deserve a fair system – WE made ebay the success it is and deserve to be considered in changes to our site.

  • PowersellerCT

    As someone that enjoys Ebay and generally support the company I have to say you may not be measuring  the effects of community sentiment on the site over the last few years.

    How about this one.. A near 40% decline in the market value of the company’s stock despite a multi-billion dollar stock buyback in place?

    While the short term effects of sellers boycotting might be a blip the bigger picture is why these problems are coming to the surface and how the company is failing to realize the community is what brought them to the party.

    It is this failure that will ultimately need to be turned around.

    In early 2006 Ebay felt the answer was to put store item in Core search , 4 months later they said it was a mistake.

    Then they stated they wanted to grow the core and raised fees dramatically for store sellers. Millions of items left the site.

    Then they wanted to go back to their auction roots with Windorphins and "Winning" items and auctions but those days were over. Now they are focusing once again on trying to win business back with lower fees and realized fixed price items are important to the site.

    Active user growth is in freefall since March 2006 quarter, site traffic is down, millions of items left the site and it is only a HUGE effect of foreign currency translation, one time tax benefits and the raising of fees that has kept the number in check. While we do not know the expense side as well I would also argue promotion is down as well.

    While the boycotters might not have much traction, the bigger issues remain. There are a lot of boycotters that really enjoy Ebay and the constant change , knee jerk reactions and failure to realize what will really make the site grow is their problem.

    There are great people within the Ebay organization and we can only hope they make the right decisions going forward.



  • Guest

    I am an ebay power seller that paid over $10,000 in fees last year to feebay. I sell mostly high ticket items that are clearly listed as is, inevitably, even though a buyer has personally inspected the item before bidding,  they will extort me for a few hundred bucks with the threat of negative feedback, I currently have 100% feedback on a nine year old account. I can usually counter with lets be reasonable and come to a compromise and use feedback as a tool. I usually end up giving some money back to avoid a bad reputation. Now with feebay’s new feedback policy I will have to give back whatever they ask for and probably still get negative feedback.

    In a nutshell ebay is trying to become I also sell on amazon and the seller can not give feedback there either. Buyers are total a-holes on amazon. One guy rated me very negative, I asked him why, he said he did not get his item quick enough. I shipped out the same day I receieved the order, he said I should have sent it overnight. The listing clearly stated ground service up to 5 days, he got it in 3. He offered to remove his negative feedback if I would refund his full purchase price, he would also keep the product.

    feebay’s fees bother me way less than the new feedback policy and the penalties they are going to give for falling low in the feedback areas. All it is is a way for feebay to control us and take more of our profits. We do the work, those a-holes keep the profits.

    • Guest

      The feedback system is why sellers maintain several selling accounts so that when some jerk come along and gives negative feedback they simply use a different account – big hassle though


    • Guest

      If i was you, id use an alternative account until  they change it back, they will because someone was in outer space when they OK-d this rediculous idea.

      that way you will keep your hard earned 100% and when the smoke clears, you will be good to go.

      if this doesnt actually kill ebay all together.

  • Guest

    Ebay will ultimately fall from the king seat as do most large retailers  who focus too much on financial gain and not enough on the foundation of Ebay which are which are the consumers and sellers. Without the sellers there no consumers and no Ebay.


    Can wait for you too tumble! with your bologna Power seller program, terrible paypal system which is filled with loopholes for the criminals to abuse.



  • Guest

    With the number of power sellers registered with ebay, one could imagine the power they would have if they would join forces and  compete with this giant. When will we learn the hard facts of business, rich get richer, ie, Microsoft, eBay, PayPal, Google, Yahoo, Bill Gates, etc.

    Did we ever see eBay or PayPal donate to any cause other then  their bank accounts ?

    eBay and PatPal have far to much power, yet we all keep going back for the same old thing and no where else to go !!

    Seller beware, buyer has the feedback power, shame on them (ebay).

  • Heather

    There’s a new free auction site:

  • Guest

    Ebay is typical of systematic corporate greed. I like how they have now teamed up with Commission Junction, by putting those so called sponsored ads at the bottom of each search page, to further increase their income, and rip off sellers. Those ads are keyword generated, advertising similar products to what you sell, out of the auction site realm, where sellers have paid Ebay good money to list their items. I don’t have a problem competing with other Ebay sellers of similar products, but I do have a problem with Ebay stealing my potential income from me by doing this. Ironically, they will not allow their sellers to insert a link to our own websites, but they feel it’s okay to make commissions on similar products advertised through outside links to major stores. Boycott them? No, just class action lawsuit them to death. Why don’t people wake up, and see what they have done to your business? If you think that the sellers that are leaving is going to increase your business, because you are staying, you are wrong. Ebay is keywording you to death. Those keyword ads go against their own policy, and they have done it because so many sellers have left. It is an AUCTION Site, not a Wal-Mart Store! Commission Paid Ads are not AUCTIONS!

  • Tony

    I got a large bill for ebay selling fees, when in fact I had not sold the items. No amount of communication with ebay could convince them that I should not be paying the bill. Result? ebay closed my account. Their customer service is appalling, so having PayPal as their payment processor suits them nicely, as their customer service is a joke. It’s time this arrogant goliath was brought down and replaced with more professionally run auction sites.

    • Guest

      I agree with your situationabout the customer service. I had listed an auction for some software once, using the same strategy as a super Powerseller, and I had beat their price by a few pennies on the actual cost of the item. I was not looking to become a power seller, nor was I wanting to become rich. I simply had a bunch of software I could no longer use and didn’t care what I got out of it as long as I didn’t end up paying eBay inthe end more than I made from the auction. However, eBay pulled my auctions and told me I was charging way too much for my shipping, which was a violation of the policy manual. What bothered me was I actually was charging the actual cost to ship the software, which was $3 less than the big Super Powersellers. When I tried to appeal the decision, I was told if I failed to comply they would revoke my account. How pathetic is that?

      I have also had buyers try to threaten me with leaving negative feedback over their own buyers remorse. I take excellent pics of my products and use accurate descriptions and anyone buying on eBay should ask questions before buying if they are still unsure. This new feedback system will not protect the seller who is honest. If a seller can lose their rights to sell, I believe a buyer should lose their rights to buy if they can’t keep their promise to pay for an auction they win.

      Also, while eBay has "lowered" the front end of the fees (listing), when the item sells, their Final Fees have increased, and it is actually costing more than before.

      • Jean Ann

        Revoking your account is not pathetic at all.  It is what needs to happen to either get rid of uneducated (unread free info) sellers or scammers.  If you were to have put a calculator on your add a free Ebay service with exact weight then you could not be scamming anyone!  Ebay would have never sent you a warning email.

        Threatening buyers will always be there.  If you go about things in a manor that is upfront "like shipping calculators" and offer full refunds if not happy the final amount of unhappy customers will be very little.  Not to say it will be none but so slim it should not effect your rating. 

        These 100% feedbacks at 5000 or more are the sellers who need this.  They do threaten buyers and should not be able to do so. 

        The saying

        You can please some of the people some of the time.

        All of the people some of the time.

        But you can not please all the people all the time!

        100% Feedbacks for very high ratings is not possible without threats. There are just mad people out there and no matter what, they can not be pleased.  So just take the lump over all it will turn out ok if you are running a real business and not a scab operation.  That is what Ebay wants real businesses not some scab operation claiming to be worthwhile.

        To many scabers to may years sorry folks you are done with!

    • Guest

      Granted they have glitches! Many glitches to be more specific. But how many times have you gotten someone or something to listen, really listen and agree with stuborn anger or boycotts. 

      Many Unions boycott they boycott this and that.  Being an entrepreneur my entire life only ever holding a small job once, I have watched Unions, boycott over and over in industry after industry.

      You know what I see now? The corporation may have given in for the moment but CHINA now does their work! 

      So go ahead boycott, Ebay is not going anywhere and they will now continue to get rid of the little guy, because you are a complaining mess!  You are doing it to yourself.  They are handing you the world in an easy format for Internet success and you are spitting in their face! 

      I am not an employee of Ebay never will be I am an Internet business owner and use Ebay as well as many other avenues for success! 

      Boycott Boycott and keep your blinders on.  Your bed is made and now you may sleep in it!  Ebay is getting rid of you!   

  • Micki Suzanne

    I am a member of their Voices committee. Until they see this, probably.

    I went to HQ, I drank the Kool-Aid . I totally believed in the selflessness of the organization.  In person they seemed like especially GOOD people. They had heart.

    I had been sick a long time and buying/selling antiques on eBay was the only "life" I had. When I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease and started on the right treatments, I started writing a book about my experiences  – "Sick Mick’s Guide to Selling Antiques & Collectibles" – available on Amazon, etc. eBay has a starring role. They were my salvation during the worst of my illness, living life out of a LaZ-Boy and limping out to the mailbox to send/receive.

    While writing the book I remember thinking "they may change – at least this will be the fundamentals of any online auction."

    I was not prepared for what happened in the past year. I finally lost my hope for continued success on eBay when I started making VERY little profit beyond their fees. I felt like I was working for THEM. I closed my online store last summer. I probably hand hundreds of hours of work in it, from photos to listing descriptions.

    I am tempted to yank the book as well. Except that I’m hoping some other online enterprise will rise to the task of being what eBay was and should have continued to be.

    The principles of selling online will always be the same; the big change is in choosing an online organization that will protect it’s members, go easy on the fees and fully deliver on promises. 


    • Guest

      You don’t understand Internet business! Go back to bed and write another book!

      To Quote you "I probably had hundreds of hours of work in it, from photos to listing descriptions"

      You lost all your work because you did not search further into what the Internet is about and make good use of your Ebay store.  This is not Ebay’s fault it is yours for not expanding your information beyond your Ebay site. 

      Sorry for you but it seems you and many others are in the same boat sinking and refusing to use the paddles!

  • Guest

    Ebay has gotten worse and worse , there is no doubt about it. You can either put up with it and stay if you can make a profit or move on to an alternative. I was a power seller for over 7 years and have over 9,000 ++ feedbacks. I closed my Ebay store a few fee hikes ago. November of 2006 I finally opened my own webstore ( using I dabbled  with a few minor auctions on Ebay this year. I considered it sort of an advertising campaign, but truthfully few people came from them. I am making more money on my own website then I EVER made on Ebay. I actually work less time too. The orders are all considerably bigger than the one item at a time on Ebay.  I have seen sellers complain about the adwords use on Ebay, and rightfully so, maybe they should. I had one order for over $600 that came from an adword on Ebay. I just really had to laugh about that!!! I have had a few others as well.

    People keep saying nothing compares to the sales on Ebay. Over the years I tried a few other auction sites and found relatively little business on any of them. Just open your own website and quit giving everyone else your money. It takes some work to get into the search engines, but it is not impossible. If you are willing to work you can make a decent living.

    A PERMANENT boycott is the only thing that will eventually have an effect on them. I am thanking them for pushing me enough to move on. I do still do some buying over there, but everyday am looking for other places to buy. I have bought quite a bit over at and also from Craigslist. If I can find it elsewhere I will buy it elsewhere. As sellers continue to move off, we won’t need to buy on Ebay any longer either. Best of Luck to All

    • Hilary

      Permanent Boycott!  But you are still buying?  What suits you is what is best!

      Boycott selling, Boycott buying too! Since most sellers are the most active buyers. You can’t have it both ways.  Give me the cheapest price but pay me the most for my product. 

      This Ebay thing is bad on all ends Ebay, sellers and buyers all greedy for their own needs!  See you all!

      This too will pass and a year from now you will not even remember what happened today with Ebay!

  • Guest

    Ebay has gotten worse and worse , there is no doubt about it. You can either put up with it and stay if you can make a profit or move on to an alternative. I was a power seller for over 7 years and have over 9,000 ++ feedbacks. I closed my Ebay store a few fee hikes ago. November of 2006 I finally opened my own webstore ( using I dabbled  with a few minor auctions on Ebay this year. I considered it sort of an advertising campaign, but truthfully few people came from them. I am making more money on my own website then I EVER made on Ebay. I actually work less time too. The orders are all considerably bigger than the one item at a time on Ebay.  I have seen sellers complain about the adwords use on Ebay, and rightfully so, maybe they should. I had one order for over $600 that came from an adword on Ebay. I just really had to laugh about that!!! I have had a few others as well.

    People keep saying nothing compares to the sales on Ebay. Over the years I tried a few other auction sites and found relatively little business on any of them. Just open your own website and quit giving everyone else your money. It takes some work to get into the search engines, but it is not impossible. If you are willing to work you can make a decent living.

    A PERMANENT boycott is the only thing that will eventually have an effect on them. I am thanking them for pushing me enough to move on. I do still do some buying over there, but everyday am looking for other places to buy. I have bought quite a bit over at and also from Craigslist. If I can find it elsewhere I will buy it elsewhere. As sellers continue to move off, we won’t need to buy on Ebay any longer either. Best of Luck to All

  • Ed L. McQuarters

    • Guest

      capitoism is actually a good thing.

      the alternative is socialism where everyone earns the same but some work harder than others. and some work NEVER. NO nation in the history of the planet ever did well with a socialist based economical system.

      your comment is moot

      capitolism is JUST. you get what you work for. no more, no less.

      • Guest

        Have you got your head in a cloud or what?  capitolism is JUST.  You get what you work for, no more, no less?  I don’t get it!  The oil compainies get it, the grocery stores get it, Uncle Sam gets it, insurance companies get it and the list goes on.    What the he@@ do I get, what very little is left!    You must have more money than you do brains!

  • Anonymous

    …and I haven’t looked back since.

    I collect things that are not mass produced (or at least are not mass produced anymore) and for modern ‘still in production’ items, I only use ebaY if its sellers offer the lowest possible price. 

    I liked ebaY a lot in its pre PayPal days when what I was looking for was easy to find, partially because sellers could list just about anything there and afford to do so and partially because the search function worked quite well.

    When ebaY let PayPal virally market to get itself going (and this was back in the days before ebaY bought PayPal) and the level of spam emails in my inbox (seems everyone and their dog was willing to beg me to join PayPal so they could get $10.00 in ‘free money’) from people I had never heard of or dealt with mushroomed, well back then I knew the days for ebaY being my kind of place to do business were numbered.

    And once ebaY bought Paypal and wanted to secure it’s revenues for ebaY I just knew that eventually ebaY was going to jump the shark. So I have kept up with sellers I like via email and or their websites if they have them and have not regretted doing so.

    It has taken a long long time for the rest of ebaY users (buyers and sellers alike) to catch on that ebaY is killing itself slowly and stupidly. It will be a very sad day when the old ebaY I once knew and loved is finally dead but I will be looking for other sites (auction or otherwise) that sell items that are not mass produced while I continue to deal with the private email list of sellers of these unique items who have always treated me well over these many years.

    Good luck to everyone who is now making the transition to a post ebaY world…I am heartened to see that one major seller on ebaY (Bruce Hershenson’s will no longer be listing on ebaY but that his business (which predates ebaY’s existence) will continue selling some of the same items I have always bought.

  • myke

    ebay will respond only when it is in their own self interest to do so: maybe not even then. we have all seen corporate officers drive a company off a cliff rather than admit they were wrong.

    what really needs to emerge drom this boycott is a legitimate contender for a #2 competitor nipping at ebay’s heels. companies react differently when they know they aren’t the only "big dog" on th block.

    at least that’s the way it looks from the mountain.

  • zakenlinks

    Since when is a boycot which implies a lot of people engaged losing money themselves succesfull ?

    • Guest

      The answer is that they are not using money! They have (the majority) gone to other auction sites, some free, most at least cheaper. I have!

    • Guest

      Great week best in 6 months!  Keep it up you boycotters.  I will not boycott or rather bite the hand that feeds me.  But rather understand what other advantages they are offering or have been offering all along that will help Internet sales in all directions.  Get a clue, wake up or just go away you boycotters.  Good ridens!

      • Guest

        The LORD feeds me and mine. ebay hasnt been able to accomplish since 2005. but my website that the Lord has furnished does. He gives me wisdom and business skills to make money with much lower overhead and more profits and He got me out of the snare of ebay’s thumb.

        Praise the Lord!

        what would you do if ebay didnt feed you? Starve?

        another poster said it just right. poeple rely on ebay too much. its just advertising.


  • MF

    Being an eBay buyer and seller since 2003 eBay has been a love/hate experience for me. At one point I thought for sure I would make it a full time thing and quit my day job.

    But then I started to see red flags. One thing that irks me to no end is eBay’s lack of customer service and their attitude regarding such.

    Go to their site. Do you see an obvious phone number for Customer Service ANYWHERE on their web site? No. You don’t. Look down at the bottom of their home page. Do you see a Contact Us link? Nope you don’t. Surprising considering the scope of this company’s operations.

    Oh they have a number to call you say….I know they do. I FINALLY found it after an hour of searching not only their site but the Internet as well. I found their number on under eBay.

    The fact is finding that number is like hitting the mother lode. You would think a billion dollar company like eBay would have the resources to finance a well publicized call center to take care of serious customer service issues. But they don’t. And that speaks volumes about this company.

    The bottom line is eBay couldn’t care less about anything but making a buck off the average person. Their treatment of smaller sellers is dysmal at best.

    One thing I’ve learned as a seller is don’t bother selling nick nack stuff on eBay. Use them like they use us. Buy things you want and only sell high dollar things that minimize all the nickle and diming they are doing.

    So eBay wasn’t impressed with the boycott? Well that’s great. They should take a serious look at the message though. The Internet is one place where you can’t muscle competition out because the space here is endless. They might be the Walmart of the virtual world but unlike the real world this arena has no limit on real estate. If people want an option here one will appear. Just like that.

  • D Lawrence

    Ebay, has become the mega auction site, no doubt. But they also own (besides paypal, and skype) Stumbleupon. How much more prone am I to visiting a site with a good stumble rating…eh depends. But they’re consistenly swallowing bits and bytes of the web. I’m not sure I want Ebay to have this much control of my web.

  • Clarence Robinson

    Between the fees that Ebay and PayPal are now charging they are taking 20%, and sometimes more, of what we get for each item. They no longer care about buyers or sellers, only about making money.

    I am done with both of them.

    Clarence Robinson

    • Guest

      I am a buyer with a bias that ebay has done such harm to the sellers the sellers are now taking out their frustrations on the buyers. For 2 yrs we worked to maintain a high quality rating on the feed back system. reaching a 99.6 satisfaction rating. then four individuals who will not take any form of electronic payment did not recieve their checks in the mist of winter etc. so we got blocked and delisted. its about $10,000 a month of buying but ebay could care less. so we opened up with a new account and we never provide feedback and could care less if we ever get any. we also shifted a significant amount of our purchasing (historical materials for a museum exhibit) to private sellers we met over the years that do not hate ebay. I was hoping amazon or yahoo would go into the business.

      • EZ Furniture Assembly

        I have been in one type of business my entire life, even the 10 years I spent working as a Regional Marketing Director I created, operated and sold several ventures. Several years ago Ebay was a great place for people to conduct auctions of merchandise they never thought would sell on a worldwide level while Ebay still made a nice % from each sale. However, now what Ebay has done by their constant fee increases is open the playing field for many companies or individuals who can build a site similar or better and rollback the rates because the operational costs for such an operation are minimal if you consider the gross revenue. Soon Ebay will be nothing more than a name in the history books of someone who had a great idea that worked but ruined an empire over GREED. What is terrible is that fuel prices are at all time highs yet airline companies have done whatever they had to do except drastically raise fares to provide the same quality service at affordable prices. The last time I checked Ebay didn’t run on fuel! If Yahoo Auctions or Ubid canfine tune their platform this would be the perfect time to lay out the welcome mat for so many sellers looking to leave ebay.

  • Heidi

     i once sold on ebay and will no longer be a part of them.  the fees caused me to be in over my head. I am now on Amazon and will coninue to make a profit. Amazon fees are a stiff competition, ebay does not compare.

    Sales are up for me due to the fact that the fees are low and I have more visibility.  Example: I have an item listed on ebay.  It does not sell after the auction.  Now I have incurred fees on ebay and still own the item.hmm

    I sell the same item on amazone, to my surprise it sell with in a day for more money.  Amazone takes a fee and I am happy.  If it does not sell, I do not pay a fee.  I love it.  It is a Win Win.  By By efees hellooooo profits!

  • byebyebay

    I think the boycott did have an effect and it will slowly exhibit in sales.  As a regular poster on an eBay chatroom we are now starting to see people who are upset as a result of one or more the changes.  This morning someone came in irate at the new Search page.  There were many reasons why thousdans of people signed up at alternative sites in the last month.  My choice, OLA, has seen such a slam of new members that it is having trouble adjusting.  But they will and more will come as it grows.   Whether it is feedback, stars, restricted search or just because we finally decided enough is enough, it will show up.  The secret is for those who did abandon to work at notifying the public about where they are and why.  Give it time.  OLA!

  • Shields Green

    A lot of people have this all wrong.  Ebay is trying to thin out the dead wood among their sellers–it’s obvious.  They are incenting good sellers to stay and incenting bad sellers to leave.   There is, in fact, a buyer confidence problem with eBay–too many buyers have had bad experiences on eBay.  eBay is trying to influence the types of sellers they have.  Yes, they are going for high volume, but they are also clearly going for customer service standards (on the part of sellers).

    So, when a seller with a 98% positive feedback rating and star ratings in the low 4’s says:  "I’ve had it.  I’ll show eBay by taking my business elsewhere," eBay is saying "don’t let the door hit you on the way out." Sure, eBay will lose some good sellers in the process, but on the balance most of the good sellers would not leave now because of the new incentives for good sellers to stay (priority search, discount on FVF…)

    Ebay’s fees are high, but until there is real competition for their market, which there really isn’t yet, they are going to try to charge as much as they can while still increasing volume–that’s their responsibility to their shareholders.  We might be paying 15% or more in fees to eBay, and we don’t like it, but then again, we have almost rock bottom overhead compared to brick & mortar.  You have to look at the whole picture.

    For very good eBay sellers, those sellers who actually have good customer service, good products and good business practices, there is a lot of opportunity represented in eBay’s recent changes.

    • MF

      Shields Green wrote:    eBay is trying to influence the types of sellers they have.  Yes, they are going for high volume, but they are also clearly going for customer service standards (on the part of sellers).

      I say…It’s kind of ironic eBay is muscling out people because they want sellers with better CS standards. They should practice what they’re preaching. eBays customer service structure is a JOKE.


    • Locke

      Intresting article, ebay does have competition in the form of, this is by far and away better as there are no crazy fees and all the sellers ive delt with are spot on, send feebay down the stream and visit

    • Guest

      I have bought on ebay since 1997. sold until 2004. I still buy very rare stuff or extremely good deals only.

      out way too much money, i have been ripped off 2 times. thats it. two times.

      thats not bad. sad , but not bad

  • Guest

    I tried but there were so many software issues and very little traffic that the time spent on adding products was no longer feasible . I had the same problem with ubid

  • John

    I used to be a big ebay seller with sales ranging from $10 to $1,500 each… avg being around $500.  I left 2-3 years ago.  Not only does ebay only care about money, they are unethical as hell!  I’ve proven to them a few times where people ripped me off and they did nothing. 

    I have even proven to them that some sellers are getting a 30%+ negative feedback rate because they were using one of the MANY scams on ebay.  For example, these people would not send items until the buyer filed a "item not received’ complaint, which locks the buyer into that complaint. Then they would ship broken, damaged or plain old non-working items that have been marked and taped several times from being returned to b&m stores as being defective returns.  The seller then just provides ebay with the tracking number, ebay closes the case and the buyer is sh*t-out-of-luck.  They REFUSE to shut these scumbags down because they pay ebay so much money.

    Then there’s the little people, buyers and sellers, who are just so plain anal-retentive that "If you dipped them in Preparation H, they’d disappear altogether ©"  For example, I just tried to buy a 39 cent bear stamp in early December from one seller (flny26).  The person first tried to charge me $5 shipping for an item that would fit in a standard envelope with a normal stamp.  They preferred paypal (which I explained to them that they would LOSE money in fees.  The idiot paid more to list it than they were getting for it and then add paypal fees?  Thought I was being kind and helping them)  But paypal’s screwy system would not accept my number.  So, I asked the seller at least 10 times where to send her buck & change as I wanted it for my daughter (8) for a stocking stuffer.  What do they do?  Left ME bad feedback and filed a non-payment strike (which was eventually removed after a major hassle) over a 39 CENT STAMP!  After I tried to save them money and pay them many times, all they did was refuse payment and then trash me for not paying.  This sort of thing is like a plague on ebay who happily allows this sort of behavior. 

    Ebay WAS wonderful at first.  Now it’s just a stinking cesspool for greed and socially-retarded people.  Sure, I lost sales, but I diverted them elsewhere.  And if I recall, Yahoo’s auction listings were FREE last time I checked. 

    In my opinion, ebay and it’s pathetic sidekick Paypal should both be driven right back into the sewer that they crawled out of.  And take 90% of their brain-dead members with them.  Ebay and Paypal are a cancer to the internet and I sincerely hope that they go down in flames. And after they’re driven out of business, they can auction off their assets on Yahoo Auctions and save themselves a ton of fees.

    Too bad nobody has a backbone any more….I’ve boycotted beef and pork for 19 years, Gillette for 15, KFC for 12, etc., etc., and even my own worthless father for 22 years.  It can be done folks, just grow some balls.

    Don’t just boycott ebay, delete anything and everything having to do with them.  Same with AOL.  If everyone just STOPS paying ebay, paypal and aol, they could be wiped out entirely or forced to be ethical and fair. 


    • MysteryBid

      Check Yahoo auctions again, they have been gone for a looong time!

      • Guest

        Yahoo! doesn’t have auctions anymore in the U.S.  I wish that they did.

    • DoSurveysOnline

      Shipping & Handling is just that. For shipping and handling fees. That includes gas, boxes, envelopes, stamps, bubble wrap, storage, FEES, and MY time to LIST, pack, store and drive to the PO! Let alone the gas and time spent finding the item. Sounds like you tried to rip off the seller not paying their handling fees that you agreed to when you clicked the BIN. If you did not agree to the shipping fees then you should not have purchased it in the first place. Then, you treated them like they were too stupid to know that they were losing money if you didnt pay the right amount for shipping. YOU created a huge mess over a 39 CENT STAMP! If you had just paid for it like you agreed when you clicked the button, you would not have had any problem and neither would the seller!

    • ProfitsPlusMore

      WOW! Its people like you that make me hate selling on ebay! You actually thought you were smarter than the seller who had included the paypal fees in their shipping! (Which ebay allows you to do!)

    • Mathew

      Man dude you have some real problems.  Don’t go to any colleges anytime soon.  You are the looser not the stuff you are boycotting! It is in you where the problem is not in your issues!  Get real!

    • Guest

      "Too bad nobody has a backbone any more….I’ve boycotted beef and pork for 19 years, Gillette for 15, KFC for 12, etc., etc., and even my own worthless father for 22 years.  It can be done folks, just grow some balls."

      Its the same every where with every business.  Your boycott hasn’t stopped cows and pigs from reaching my grill, Gillette from my face, KFC from my stomach or your worthless father from his place on this Earth and its not going to stop ebay either.

      Competition is the only thing that can slow ebay down.  There are many upstarts that are coming along fine but ebay is the power house right now.  You made the right choice.  If you don’t like it leave.  Welcome to America…you have choices.

  • Guest

     I left ebay several years ago in their last 500% rate hike, having a small store which only sold about $500 a month is peanuts to them, but for anyone this investment, and time cannot be measured just by the pittance of profit they allow you. To date I have not recreated the store, somehow fighting goliath has taken the wind out of my sails. 

    My brother on the otherhand several years ago was lured to ebay in one of their recent ebay motors promotions. My brother runs a small car lot, and the bottom line was he was bilked thousands in fees, and ended up losing $10,000 in fees they continuely billed on his credit card for services not rendered. Imagine trying to run a real business, and having to fight with your credit card company, and ebay in the process. He closed his store in August of 2007, and was charged $1000 a month for the next 5 months, saying he did not close the store, and so on. It was only after he threatened with a law suit, and ate thousands of his own money, did they permanently suspend his account, and the hundreds of good feedbacks he had accrued. 

    Making money on ebay is a oxymoron as a seller, they don’t really help you with non paying bidders, the time limits where you must waste your personal time in following up with bad auctions is terrible, the fees are outlandish, and only until people wise up to the fact that they are being charged double in shipping, and handling just to make up for the ebay fees, will they finally realize that they are being ripped off, and will find a better solution

  • MysteryBid

    It amazes me how many people don’t think about the other fees they would have if they were setup in a flea market or brick and morter. How much overhead would that be if you had to upkeep your own store space? Most sellers do not have a customer mailing list to keep their customers coming back. Also a lot of sellers don’t advertise outside ebay then wonder why their item didnt sell, as ebay would like you to believe that if you only setup your store the customers will come. Sadly other auction sites will have a hard time due to fraud and scammers. Even Yahoo auctions couldn’t make it. There are enough new people on ebay everyday that they don’t have to care about the old people. Selling your stock would make a bigger impact than boycotting. If you are still selling on ebay, stop by MysteryBid to advertise your auctions FREE!

  • Kyle

    I am a former eBay powerseller. I joined in 1998 to sell items around the house.

    I started selling seriously in 2004. I left eBay in 2006 for some of the same reasons people are complaining about today but the primary reason as mentioned in this article, is I felt I could be successful without eBay.

    One huge reason is that the model at eBay favors eBay and its buyers, not the sellers. Look it up and you will see thats one of the founding ideas behind eBays creation is to cater to buyers.

    If  your looking at your books as a powerseller on eBay, it will become clear that after eBay is paid for listing, gallery, final value, & paypal fees, that much if not all of the profit will be gone. No to mention your operational cost, like your time to manage the end to end sale (eBay customers are very needed and are always seeking a deal, even if its on top of an already great deal), shipping supplies, and anything else that is required to sale on eBay.

    There are a large number of people selling on eBay that think there making money because they get sales. Thats called generating revenue NOT making money. Your making money when you have something left after you complete the sale and ship the item.

    My theory is that eBay can stick to this business model as long as they like and be succesful. eBay boycotts and complaints and have been around as long as eBay has and every year eBay introduces an increase of some fee and justifies it with an excuse about something it must do for some reason that you cant confirm. This cycle will continue.

    Finally, we concluded that eBay is a good place for people seeking to get into ecommerce. Its a great place to get your feet wet and learn about ecommerce but after you learn the ropes, why not brand yourself and take a fraction of those fees to promote your own website. We increased our sales by 300%. A large part of this was because we reduced our operational cost.

    We still use eBay to sale our returns from our ecommerce site. This is a win win because these items would have been lost revenue if not for eBay, so we dont mine paying eBay for providing a path for us to sale those items because everyone wins.

    Phew, Ive been holding that in since I left eBay.



    • Guest

      thats a ditto from here. same thing. I left in 2005 and my profits are over double than when i was on ebay. It was an excellent learning place for sure.

  • Guest

    What are you people… on DOPE?!

    thanks Mr. Hand

    • Dope?

      Is that a 60’s word for drugs?  Take your viagra and call back in the morning!

  • Herbal Supplements Store

    We are not an eBay seller, but started seriously considering becoming one based on suggestions received from customers. Unfortunately this is not the first time we read similar non-favorable comments from sellers and buyers alike about this company. On one side, we’re glad to see people speaking up against these unfair practices. The sad part is that corporate greed is deeply ingrained anywhere you go, even on the web, and is getting worse.

     The question is: Who has the financial backup and human resources to lead a head-to-head campaign against eBay as a competitor? Amazon, Google? It might take years for that to happen, or for eBay to fall through the cracks. Ultimately it will be up to the users to decide a company’s fate. Boycotting is a step forward even though they don’t want to recognize it.

     As far as we go, we’ll have to simply say bye bye eBay.

  • Guest

    I have sold and bought on ebay since 2002 but I am going to close my store.  I have over 400 positive feedback and no negative but can no longer afford to pay the higher fees. I have set up an account on  $8.00 a month and that’s it!  No final value fees.  List all you want.  Lots of former ebay sellers are there.  Go there to buy and sell.  Remember, according to the new CEO at ebay, we are just "noise", so let’s take our "noise", er, business, somewhere else.  I am sad that ebay has come to this but I don’t feel welcome there anymore.

     I found the following posted on the chat boards at

    I’ve been informed that a current class action lawsuit is pending against ebay and paypal.


    • Guest

      no offence, but 400 feedback is nothing. you can do that in a week or two. why not go for 40,000 ?

      • Guest

        In reply to why I didn’t go for 40,000 listings….I wish I could and maybe someday, who knows?  .I had to retire from a job of 20 years and I started selling to help pay the co-pays on my husband’s medicine after he came down with cancer.  I have fibromyalgia and macular degeneration so some days I don’t get a lot done but I am not giving up.  That is something that some people don’t seem to understand, a lot of people sold on ebay to survive.  I am reading everthing I can and trying to beome successful in other areas using the knowledge I was able to aquire on ebay.  I am going to check out this Net Neutrality and how it can be stopped.  One thing I do believe is that people have a right to boycott if they want to and I don’t believe they should be put down for it.  Everyone has their own reasons and part of being an American is having the right to your own opinion.  Jesus is alive and well.  I talk to him in prayer and he has answered many prayers for me.  Thank you

  • Guest


    Go to  Lots of ebay sellers there.  $8.00 a month and that is it!! List as much as you want, no final value fees.  I hate to see ebay going the direction they are.  I have bought and sold on ebay since 2002 but I will have to leave since the fees are so high and sellers are at the mercy of the buyer’s feedback.  I hate to lose my 100% positive feedback but I feel sure it would go down under the new policies.  Besides the boycotters are just "noise" according to the  new CEO so let’s just take our "noise", er, business and go somewhere else.


    found the following posted on the chat boards at

    I thought you might find it interesting and want to check it out.
    I’ve been informed that a current class action lawsuit is pending against ebay and paypal.
  • Guest

    Stop already! All you heart broke sellers who think you actually make or made a difference stop crying!  Enough!

    The Internet is made up of information. True! Since the Internet is made up of information Ebay must participate in that venue, Corp loosers or not.   Use Feebay like they use you!  The Power Sellers do and have for many years a mutual benefit for both. Stop looking for the bird that flew away and hold the one you have in your hand.  The $10.00 you made last week on that POS you bought for .50 at a junk yard is as small as your brain!

    Power Sellers know it is impossible to come out with a profit using Ebay only! Impossible, and has been for years! You whinners are just now finding out!  Power Sellers know Ebay is only good for advertising.  Ebay is only a small part of a total picture.  Because the real money is made outside of Ebay using Ebay as advertising!  Ebay will never raise their rates to their sellers to out price their advertising benefits.  But they have given up on making new entrepreneurs! Thank goodness for the rest of us who understand business. We can finally be rid of the "Ebay drop shipper" a monster ID, not a business, created by Ebay who has caused more damage to cost of goods than ever thought possible.

    IE Star rating the beginning of elimination of the "Ebay drop shipper"

    To all you little cry babies that do not understand business let alone the Internet go back to your 8-5 and cry on your bosses shoulder how over worked you are. Then come home and sit down to your TV and cry why Ebay charges you to much, because you missed a TV show to list an add and did not get paid enough! Fill your fat belly with food and fart!

    You all think you are some great entrepreneurial enterprise because Ebay taught you to go to some manufacture and drop ship  and you chose 10% above cost, or scrounge yard sales heckling children for their old belonging for .10 on the dollar for your resale Ebay business. Now Ebay charges you 25% and has abandon you with information to turn your lazy pea brain into a real entrepreneurial.  Basically they got sick of pulling along a ball and chain thinking they could help those who are to lazy to read and help themselves.  Go back to your 8-5 go back to your non thinker Union crap. Go back to being the brainless cry babies you are.  Welcome to the real world all you new mom and pop business.  This is what your employer puts up with everyday and still pays your salary, insurance, vacation and sick days and taxes.  Not as much profit as you thought?

    Cry Babies! Pull your head out, do your homework and see the fantastic avenue Ebay offers in the world of the Internet!  The information is there and free, I have given you a million dollar idea here and most of you will be offended by being called a lazy farting cry baby and not even look into what is said. Because it is not politically correct or spoon fed with TLC!

    It is a sickening sight to see and read of the lazy cry babies Americans, who have been conditioned to believe they are being discriminated against in everything the world has to offer, because of their skin, their gender, their religion, and now small Ebayers! It is always the same "Give it to me on a silver platter with appologies for your ancestors and it might be good enough for me to have HOPE!" But don’t ask me to THINK for myself and look at what is being offered that might take effort on my part. 

    "Hope" he gives me hope!  The new political buzz word!  Ask the straving in Africa if they have hope to eat real food or a dirt cookie, tonight!  You crybaby Ebay sellers who are kicking your meal ticket in the face all because you are to lazy to READ and CHANGE DIRECTION OF SELLING! "Go eat dirt cookies!"

    • Guest

      While i agree with your political ideas, I disagree with your ebay view.

      yeah, because a rare 1929 plastic MIB dinosaur bought for $4.00 at a yardsale from someone who didnt care what they had and sold at ebay AUCTION for $493.29 will not sell for the same as a fixed PRICE item.

      they want to change the market. but 10,0000 people who are againts the idea are wrong and the 2 % are right on this issue? gimme a break.

      either way, ive been done with ebay for over 3 years and make more than I did.


      • Guest

        Thank you for the agreement on the political views as that is the same core issues Ebay is having! It is a global problem infecting humans across the board greedy corporation and like you wrote greedy sellers. $4.00 to $500.00 Your greed has been cut and you are mad!

        What you do not understand is if you link your $4.00 item to your web site or Blogs with extensions to a buying format with one add you can then sell 50 of your $4.00 items for $500.00 and pay no Ebay fees!

        Ebay as well as many other sites offer an avenue of high rankings and power unsurpassed by one another.  It is there for you and all others but you all just sit there and refuse to see it. Being true to form 10,000 sit there and complain, cry  and 2% rake in the money. 

        And correction no one has offered that multi million dollar idea for free as you are reading here because the 2% like it that way.  Waller Waller you dumb 8-5er! The 2% are to busy living while you clogging your brain with your pitty party.

        While you have been gone for 3 years you cut your nose off to spite your face because you don’t understand, you might of had to expand your brain beyond the trash you collect.   Rarely does the 2% speak up and this is why the 10,000 love to waller in your rightness!  Give you a break?  No need you missed the point all together. 

        I am one person of the 2% who understand it does not matter if it is fixed price or auction style it is not in Ebay but in a whole of networks! 

        Waller in your $4.00 garage sale scam of some kid it is where you belong! Keep looking for the next yard sale item worth a million.  Or better yet you will have more luck in the lotto!

      • Guest

        You missed it! But you think so small I bet you think there is only one million dollar idea or maybe only one million dollars! 

        If you get past the sarcastic nature of the post the information is incredible and not often spoke of!

        I know I use it!

        Good luck you 10,000 or so people who are unable to change! And so many of you are looking at a political canidate who wants you to change to bring change to the USA?  This will be an interesting decade if only 2% can change with Ebay and most of you can’t even change on a few new rules and fee’s! You are all very Scary especially with what may happen with elections! 

        Change???? Not all of you!

        • Guest

          I am living it. I did what you said here 3 years ago and I dont NEED ebay as a door way. havent since I left. no more fees, no more ebay rules. none.

          Thats Why i agreed with the laziness comments, spoonfed people are relying on ebay. Some americans are lazy.

          Im not. I GO GET it, i dont wait for it to come to me or rely on ebay. sadly i must rely on google because they own the net in search. but ultimately I rely on Jesus Christ. He blesses who He blesses and curses who He curses.

          • Guest

            Google! Wow you got it.  Take a look at your Google search and see the Ebay adds! At the top of the Google search everytime! Hum you may go and get it but you left behind a very powerful asset.  But who cares!

            Jesus Christ! hum I thought he was dead! I think I will rely on his and many others teachings to "not complain" and live from a blessed point not from one of fault! 

            You miss that lesson too!  He does not bless or curse!  You bless or curse yourself as you did in your Ebay move. 

            Get a clue!

    • Guest

      As an ebay seller who made powerseller in 2 months from volume sales and maintained that volume for over a year I don’t consider it being a ‘crybaby’ when I finally bailed 3 months ago.

      I think it is long overdue that people are wising up to the Ebay hype and seeking out other alternatives.

      My fees between Ebay and PayPal AVERAGED $500 month.

      I now put that $500 in my own pocket and have not missed Ebay in the least – their bravado statements that such lost monthly revenue makes no impact is empty at best as any true business person knows.

      Hopefully other sellers will continue to wise up and stop feeding the monster.

      • Guest

        What do you call bragious $500.00 a month but stomp your feet and leave!

        Wow Power Seller in 2 months for over a year and now gone! 

        Not smart enough to figure out how to improve your sales and your networking because you would of had to work to hard? 

        Yes you are a very big cry baby and the very person the post was ment for.  You may have put $500.00 in your pocket and left $5,000 on the table because you refuse to learn how to play the game. 

        See Ya won’t miss ya!

    • cozgold

      To the anti american who obviously worships the great god EBAY.


      Contrary to worldly beliefs, most of we americans had to earn what we have, the government give our hard earned tax dollars to f_ _king jerks like you in Africa, Iraq, and everyother whinning country on the bloody planet.  We have grown accustomed to the government  kicking it own citizens asses, but you  Ebay worshipping jackass, cannot see the light of truth, other than what you choose to believe. Ebay grew out of an idea, by people who were anything but rich.  At the time they were hpoing for a miracle to happen as well.  They were successfull with their promotion of Ebay.  But what has made them a power is the people who were lured to become sellers on Ebay.  Most people do not have a college education to learn how to be merchandisers on the net by themselves.  Ebay was the link many of these sellers grabbed onto in order to achieve some independance from working for other people.

      Ebay has once again fuc__d its business associates to gather in more money.  I believe Ebay is greedy, and only needs more money in order to acquire more , new and bigger enterprizes.  They have chosen to forget how the people who sell on ebay were the route of Ebay to achieve success.

      That is one thing,  but as we in the United States doo have the rifht to refuse tdo business with Ebay, so be it. But the howling of what i suspect is a very well tanned skin who knows all about eating dirt cookies.  If it does not affect you, then kindly keep your mouth shut.  All of you other nations for the exception of Great Britian, Austrailia, Japan, China, and many good countries who have never howled for handouts like the many impoverished nations of Africa, central America, and such, who do not ever look for a better way of life, but keep doing the status que, and then take cheap shots at thre Americans who have always sent aid to all countries which fall onto hardships.  We never boycotted yourcountries for the exception of Cuba.

      America is both looked up to as well as condemed because we are the doers of the free world.  We will undoubtedly fall one day, why? because we gave away what should have been saved for our childrenand their chikldren, to help those nedy in other countries.  Africa a=has its own ebay,  "the warlords who keep increasing your taxes by taking it all from the people.  History has always shown that if one does not try, one will not know. If one does not bitch, one will not prosper.


      So for your negative comments in regard to People complaining about higher fees on Ebay,  You should bend over for your fellow warlords and take it where the sun does not shine.  As debate is good but your name calling and insults, show your total worth, = nothing.


      • Guest

        To the dumb shit American who wrote the last post to the anti American!

        You are one discusting! You can’t spell, you can’t write, you are the typical fat, spoiled American filling your fat face and sitting on your couch farting all while watching your TV and over rated sports stars and believing everything some media tells you. 

        You are pathetic! You are so dumb you do not even know how lucky you are to have the ability to pay the taxes you do!  Get a clue you do not even know you are stupid! And don’t have the ambition to get the education even when it is free provided by Ebay, and other Internet sites! 

        I am an American 7th generations in this country and the likes of your kind is sickening!  You are not patriotic you are not American you are the discusting masses that rome this land claiming to be American most by birth right. You are poluting and spitting out vomet post because you are to lazy to read!. You have raped the system of education, privilages and rights and do nothing but complain.  You have been given so much no matter what color, race or religion you are but all you do is complain.  My ancestors and many like them of all colors made this great country and you are so ungrateful you can’t even learn how to spell or write, and admit you are to lazy to read and educate yourself.  The real people who made this country would be floored at your inability to express with true knowledge.  They died so you could write a post about how you are not making enough money all while stating you are to lazy to learn. As if you have some handicap because you do not understand business.  NO HANDICAP YOU ARE LAZY!  They died for the likes of you! They worked for the likes of you!  THEY DIE NOW FOR YOU!!!

        You are one of those who needs to eat dirt cookies so you can come back to reality and understand the great opportunities you have with the Internet and life in the USA.  You selfish dumb American! 

        Ebay is a business like all businesses they have given you an opportunity but you dumb fat American want more more more without even looking into what is already there and the advantages being offered. Why, because they will take you a few hours a day to reeducate yourself with free information.

        Go away and and eat another pizza and watch another game it is all you are good for! Stay out of free enterprise and out of the way of people who care about making things better not boycotting!








        • Guest

          You are a pompas ass. I hope you don’t call your self an American. Perhaps you have never had to make a HARD EARNED living. You were probably born with a F***ing silver spoon in your mouth. This forum is to discuss Ebay NOT politics! You are probably one of those FAT Ebay executives sucking the life out of HARD WORKING Americans. Perhaps you should take a hard long look in the mirror! Do you like what you see? My guess would be NO or you wouldn’t be putting down the people who make up this outstanding country. And if your are an American I am ashamed to co-inhabit this Country with you!!!!

          • Guest

            This guy is not sick!  He probably lost someone in a war or service or something and is bitter to hear you people whining about a few rate increases while you eat food and watch your TV.

            Do your research who is eating dirt cookies.  You people don’t even know!

            He is the American not you he is probably the hard working American you talk about being.  His points are very clear and so are the other Ebay supports here.

            The fact is a monority of the people using Ebay understand how to work within  Ebay to further their lives, the rest of you will fall off.  And what is funny, when someone comes on the forum to help you and give you information,  they are called crazy and dangerous. The information  has not been given to you on a silver spoon, but more of a slap in the face

            My line is one of an Entrepreneurial business, I choose the 18 hours every day I wish to work.   I answer to no one and know the way through your boycott to continue on with the success I enjoy.  The majority fighting with Ebay will go down the road labeled "Hard working" Americans drive your next new car while you loose your house, and blame it on Ebay raising fees.

            Good luck you spoiled brats! I agree you are so lazy you will not read to help yourself with change. 




          • Guest

            Another person unable to read and understand!  Calling someone a "pompas ass" with a "silver spoon in their mouth" and you are proud of making a "HARD EARNED LIVING"  Why would you make a hard earned living in the USA? Hard earned living is $5.00 a day in Mexico, or $1.00 a day in China or so on and so on.  No you are a FAT AMERICAN  Fat headed, spoiled, selfish, greedy, unable to see the opportunities before you.  If you had truely made a HARD EARNED LIVING you would not be whinning but figuring out how to make this work.  That is the difference between true Entrepreneurials and 8-5 spoiled union workers.  The union worker know how to boycott and whine, and act like first class babies. The true entrepreneurial mined people figure out how to go with the change and make it better all while watching what is true distruction such as Net Neutrality.

            Ebay may or may not be right depends on who you are,  what it has shown is it was really time for a clearing of the spoiled scum to leave.  Good riddens!

            Boycott until you go broke and are gone for good!  Then go boycott your union jobs and see them go to China once and for all!  You low level, brain dead, Fat, TV watching people will never wake up!  But at least Ebay saw the light in their mistake, the mistake to open a world and offer you entrepreneurial businesses. Now finally they are getting rid or you sorry, selfish, lazy people.  Go back to your 8-5 you do not belong on the net. 


        • Guest


          Ok, first off pal don’t criticize people for misspelled words when you’re butchering the keyboard as well.

           Second, get some mental help fast.

           Seriously, take a look at what you wrote.  Sick man…very sick.  Get off the internet for a long while and get in touch with life again.  The image of a very sick and extremely angry person yelling at their computer was all I could think of as I read your post.

           I bet you walk around imagining different ways to hurt people.

          The discussion is ebay and raising rates…not Betty Crocker’s dirt cookies in Africa.

           You have a few neurons misfiring up there in the frontal lobe pal.  Go get some rewiring done with a quickness.

          I hope you don’t live near me you sick @#$%!!!  Get off the discussion. 

          Now as for my thoughts on the subject.  If you don’t like ebay raising the rates either deal with it…or leave.


          Thank you and I hope everyone, including our sick friend here, has a good day.

          Name and address with held for security reasons…namely our sick friend.

          • Joe

            You have made zero points.

            Why did you post? We should all read more of what you have to say.  Everyone loves a fool who writes to read his own post but has zero information for us to understand.  A crazy man calling someone else crazy! Weirdo!

            I will live next to the American sick of you fat babies who wrote the post.  Better a thinker than a society ego driven moron like yourself!  


            As far as Ebay and fees.  Tell them to quit spending money on TV adds, print adds, Internet adds, this will lower your rates.  You will not have any business but you boycotters will be happy! 

          • An American

            The 7th Generation American is right. Even the capital letters of screaming is not enough to get you to understand! Dense really dense! You sit there and want it all handed to you.
            He is also right go back and eat another pizza and watch another game you are not ment for Ebay or any business. You are one of the worthless masses this country has created and has to take care of because you refuse to learn!

            Ebay may or may not be right but when it is done all you people who can’t adjust will be gone and then the real business people can keep it together.

            On another point because not all are as worthless as this last no name brain washed into being stupid lazy man.

            This was sent to my email today from Timoth Karr. It is on Net Neutrality a real problem and one I am sure Ebay will somehow be involved in. Up to now they have fought it but who knows with the changes. Check it out, very important and very serious if you want your business on the Internet, Ebay or not. Get informed and take part in something worthwhile that can make a change. Your boycott is a waist of time and money! Yours not mine.

            Timothy Karr
            Campaign Director

            P.S. You can read more about Comcast

  • Winston

    "I believe in this and it’s been tested by research; he who f***s nuns will later join the church."

    ~ "Death or Glory", The Clash


    eBay, once the radical revolution in shopping…is now just another big retailer sucking cash out of everyone on all sides of the deal.

    Competition will spring up as a result, creating more choices for buyers and sellers.

    I don’t care whether I buy or sell on eBay, eCay or eDay…if I like the deal, that’s what counts.





  • Guest

    The giant that eBay is, makes them a force to be reckoned with.

    So my question is who has more eyeballs on their auction realestate than eBay? If one is to dump them who would be a competitive alternative?

    Back along some of us did ok with yahoo! auctions, but they went away. Even back then I was boycotting eBay, excuse me FeeBay. How about an auction site called The Anti

    Later on,

    Dave G.

    • Guest

      ebay will sue you for using their name.


      they made abother site that had ZERO to do with ebay change their name! probably because they wouldnt sell to ebay. who knows. was too far away to be confusd with for sure and was very surprised to see it change names.


      be creative

      • Guest

        Ebay is doing a clearing that is well past due.  Thank you get rid of the people who think they were entrepreneurs but can’t even communicate or understand what is going on.  Way to go Ebay

    • Guest

      Stop looking in the corners.  Your answer has been posted all over the Internet it is right in front of your eyes! Wake up! Clear the fog you lazy Americans!

  • Guest

    You are plugging your business. Why don’t you give these scared people the answers why they need you!  What do you have to offer that will help or do you even know just sell your stuff sell your stuff!  Put up my useless web site host it with me. 

    Tell them how to make money with you?  I can so can the 2% still understnding what the Ebay changes mean. But you are the one plugging your stuff!

    If this were a physical disaster you would be someone who takes the stuff lying around for your own.  Give some free information about how to prosper with your stuff!


  • underground

    Just stop using ebay full stop they will soon drop the fees,

    • Guest

      Use Ebay for what they have to offer and quit looking at what is no longer there! 

      If you stop you just hurt yourself not Ebay! Ebay understands the Internet and how it runs.  It is you sellers who have not bothered to learn. 

      • Mike

        Well, I can say for certain that ebay is at least in a short term problem.  We are a powerseller on ebay and have been for several years.  Over the past week or two, our sales have dropped significantly.  It’s a red flag that we can’t ignore.  Alternatives are definiitely being examined.

  • Saun Dee

    You are just plugging you web site! 

    Go away!

  • Guest

    Reply to Plug Your Business…YES, I am plugging my business…business lost to eBay who lured you in, and now that they have your business hooked, changing the rules and charging you more.

    We take a realistic business approach.  We are not looking to serve the mass and then stick it to you later. We offer services and fees that are fair and equitable based on indivdual business needs and budget.  We don’t force you to use a specific credit card processor (their own) Free…that’s how you all got hooked with ebay.  No company can stay in business if everything is free. Do you sell your products on ebay for nothing? Why do you think ebay is raising their fees? You better believe ebay would pounce on this opportunity given this was another vendor.

    • Guest

      Yes I do sell $10,000 a month on Ebay and make no profit! Gold Power Seller.

      The advertising we gain from Ebay then relates into $890,000.00 in 2007 from overall Internet sales. This is 2 people from home!  Because Ebay spends so much money being an Internet presents we balance off of them. 

      Like the 2% has been saying all along they are there to help if you will just read and understand and quit complaining!

      So plugging your business because you don’t charge fees you also can’t advertise and give momentum to networks.  Networking information is what the Internet is based on and Ebay plays it better than them all.  What you should really be up in arms about is Net Neutrality if that does not go the way of the people this will all be a mute point! 

      Pick your battles and understand your battles before you go in and blow up the structure.  All you complainers are just uneducated weak links in the system anyway!

      As someone else said lazy Americans!

      • Guest

        I agree with you on Net Neutrality. This is exactly why I am able to participate in this venue to network and plug business.

        890,000.00 in overall, related Internet sales proves you rely on other Internet resources (other than eBay) for your business.  This reinforces the business plug.

        Lazy Americans? I beg to differ on this point.


        • Sammy

          It looks like you two are talking the same thing! Ebay and the garage sale stuff is not where it is at. The people on this post are so great at complaining and becomming a Union type force of complaints.  Go after Net Neutrality!

           Net Neutrality is a much bigger issue than Boycotting Ebay.  Come on folks put your energy into something that will keep you creating. Stop the force behind Ebay, Net Neutrality. This movement will neutralize the core force behind Ebay and you will win.  As long as Ebay can see they will only survive as a big corporation they will go down that road.  Boycott all you want on deaf ears Ebay has seen this change and you are to late with your Boycott! They are surviving you will loose change or add to your course.   

          WAKE UP!

          Net Neutrality is about big corporations.  Stop it and Ebay will beg you to come back!  Get on the real problem that has pushed Ebay into leaving behind the grass roots people and loosing your support in the corporate offices.

          Get organized and add the equal force against Net Neutrality and you will have some hope of creating your small business.  Net Neutrality needs your help!

  • Guest

    I just sold a timeshare on ebay for the whopping sum of $5.50.  I PAID over $80 in fees.

    I will never, ever sell another thing on ebay.

    Craigslist ROCKS!

    • Guest

      I’m not sure if you are aware of the fact that Ebay owns Craigs List.

    • Guest

      Don’t know for fact but have been told Ebay owns 25% of Craigslist?

      Anyone have facts! and where to read!

      • wizard85

        Its stated right on Craigslist that eBay owns 25% of the business .. They bought it trying to take over the site by bying it from a disgruntaled ex employee & partner to craigslist .. When that didn’t work , Meg then had a simular site built to try to bring craigslist down .. Someting like wiwij or something like that, that site is 100% ebay’s .. You can read it right on the craigslish site by hitting the icons on the left side of the page .. PK

  • Guest


    For any strike to have a real impact, it will have to last longer than a week. Ebay has become the wal-mart of the internet, and they aren’t going to be impacted in that short of a time. And they have already said that the sellers will just come back or be replaced by other sellers.
    I hope they replace me. I do not intend to go back, not to list the 1st item. Yes, I need the money, yes the extra income makes my kids happy.
    But there are BETTER venues than ebay. I encourage everyone to go to for listing your items. It’s not ebay, doesn’t yet have the traffic, but it has the potential to be what ebay could only dream of.
  • Guest

    This entire post is disgusting and has many eBay executives and staff giving their input to counteract the storm of complaints.

    Shame on eBay for letting it get this bad.

     Shame on all of you for behaving like spoiled brats.

    Find new auction sites to support or sell your stuff on if you do not like the eBay monster. That’s all they have become, a huge eee-bay online monster.

    Hope your day tomorrow will be better.

    • Guest

      Sorry don’t see it your way at all.

      If you really read the posts there are many with not so swave writings.  They looked to be on purpose to pull your blinder chain, some have fantastic value.   There are tips from some of these posts that would appear to sky rocket your business and you choose to call these post eBay executives and staff. They look to be successful SMALL businesses trying to give you help. Your fellow eBayers trying to wake you up. Ebay has proven they don’t care about you.  It is doubtfull they would spend time on this forum!

      Thank you to the what is called crazy person for offering the off color forceful posts and others joining in with help. I don’t agree with eBay but your Boycott is not working at least not yet.   Thanks for the help in what ever form it has been posted to better my business and give me an avenue to work within what is available in or out of eBay, as it changes!

      To the shame on you lady! As the saying goes don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you!

  • downwithfeebay

    Many ebay refugees have gathered at  Great deals right now, and millions of auctions up and running.

  • Jen

    I left GreedBay when they raised the fees before and I do not regret it at all! I’m glad I got out when I did and I found! At least now I know exactly what I’m paying out per month before the month is here!Flat $8.00 per month period! I mean, My gosh, GreedBay is charging twice for the same thing. Think about it – They charge you to list and then charge you again to insert the listing, Plus sucker you into all the fancy so called enhancements, telling you that it’s a great deal! Yea, right, For them! OLA is for the sellers and the buyers! We’re like one big happy family there! But don’t come in with the idea that it’s just like E-bay because it’s FAR from it! We’re a happy group of very helpful people on both sides and if you need help, there’s tons to help and LIVE people on the phone that will walk you through it all! You couldn’t ask for better! We are still growing and have gained ALOT of E-bays buyers and sellers alike that are very happy to be there. So if you’re looking, Come check it out and you decide! Good Bye GreedBay – Hello OLA! Welcome Home!

  • Guest

    You must be an ebay exec.

  • Mohan

    I had a taste of eBay sucking my money after their mistake in not checking my ad’s suitability. Without hosting my ad for the required period they forcibly collected money. When I complained there was no response. I would advise people to be watchful when they do business on eBay.

  • Guest

    I’m extremely disappointed in people who’ve complained about ebay, then complain they aren’t making money by not listing. Once the boycott is over, they’re back listing on ebay!

    If your complaining…CHANGE! Ebay is not the only name of the auction game, They will only repeat their ‘bad habits’ until they see members leaving by handfuls each day of the week.

    For those that think they’re making money by listing on ebay, think again. With the changes at ebay your better off listing your items at another auction site. You can even list for less and come out ahead. You say there isn’t the amount of lookers at other auction sites? Ebay was once in the same position! You have to start somewhere. If you go somewhere else, yes, you may have to tough it out for a month or so, but direct your buyers to where you are. You may also find new buyers. The only way changes will take effect is if you don’t give into ebay (who I’m sure is having a good laugh now). Ebay NEEDS a couple of good competitors, and so do you!

    Changing and growing is a GOOD thing. What’s better is if we all stick together to bring about something better, otherwise failure is the only option left.

    Some ebayers have seen the light and left completely, for others I hope you’ve learned that it’s not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket (ebay). If you don’t change permenantly I hope you’ll at least consider using 2-3 sites.

    I moved to another auction site, and am now preferring it. It’s at . It has become my main buy/sell auction site. You can’t hardly compare their low fee of $8.00 per month with ebay, which also allows you to list as much as you want in that time period, plus in 2 catagories without extra costs, and there are NO FVF fees! You can even list your website with your listing. The site is growing, their very amiable and their making upgrades constantly.

    Changing means getting use to a whole different format, but hey, if you can list/shop, you’ll have no problem learning a new format in short time.

    BE the change you want to see!

  • midmid
  • Brian

    The Ebay environment has changed a lot in the last 1-2 years.  There seems to be far fewer quality buyers in the last few months of selling… my times haven’t even met reserve.

    I’ve begun to wonder if team Ebay bidding on items to pump action coming in just below reserve, but then the items don”t sell out.  This is now a continuous pattern of not meeting reserve, whereas in the past these items would have sold.

    Who knows, maybe its other traders just playing the game too.  At any rate, I’m ready to just chuck it on Ebay, because they just keep collecting fees on items not selling.  Its becoming a waste of my time and money. I watch other bigger ticket items too… same thing happening with them.


    • Sue

      Yes.  Reserve stuff is not like it used to be.  Thanks

  • Guest

     Ebay is not only wanting sellers to leave, they are COUNTING ON IT! They said just last summer that plans were underway for clearing out "low-quality merchandise". THIS IS HOW THEY ARE DOING IT!!!!! They can’t tell you to leave, but they can make you want to go. They do not WANT your business, and this INCLUDES MOST POWER SELLERS because your ‘measly’ little $10,000 a month in sales will come nowhere close to the new, major retailers that will be moving in.

    Hello, GM! Welcome back, Sears! And that’s just the beginning, as they’ll have to replace this ‘low-quality’ merchandise with ‘high-quality’ merchandise. And as a nice little bonus, these retailers will have their own customer service and handle their own buyer disputes. (scam buyers won’t be bothering them, by the way. they know better) As a result, ebay will also be able to fire tons of employees they will no longer need. 

    Hellllooooooooo, bottom line!

    THIS is why they aren’t listening, THIS is why they won’t budge on the new ‘improvements’, THIS is why they consulted only the top 2%, and THIS is why they have been emphasizing the ‘buyer experience’ and calling YOUR customers THEIR buyers.

    Wake up and smell the ‘new’ eBay. For ‘traditional’ sellers, IT STINKS!!!

    • Guest

      Get behind a real problem.

      All you who are leaving Ebay take that same energy and look into Net Neutrality.

      This is a real problem, Ebay will be one of these large corporations wanting this.  Net Neutrality will end it for all small Entrepreneurs.  Get behind something that will keep you going on another site or business!

      Ebay will go or fail boycott or not! Net neutrality must be stopped!  Ebay will become one of those pushing for Net Neutrality, now that the grass roots of Ebay are leaving!  

      STOP Net Neutrality and STOP Ebay! 

      Get involved!  

      • JLH

        I think you are confused about net neutrality.  Net neutrality is what we as an internet user want.  Those large companies such as Verizon, Comcast, etc. do not want it.  They want to be able to determine which sites we visit in what order.  Here is a definition.

        "Network neutrality is the principle that Internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the Internet. The Internet has operated according to this neutrality principle since its earliest days. Indeed, it is this neutrality that has allowed many companies, including Google, to launch, grow, and innovate. Fundamentally, net neutrality is about equal access to the Internet. In our view, the broadband carriers should not be permitted to use their market power to discriminate against competing applications or content. Just as telephone companies are not permitted to tell consumers who they can call or what they can say, broadband carriers should not be allowed to use their market power to control activity online. Today, the neutrality of the Internet is at stake as the broadband carriers want Congress’s permission to determine what content gets to you first and fastest. Put simply, this would fundamentally alter the openness of the Internet."

  • M Williams

    eBay act with all the arrogance of a monopoly and I hope they pay the price.

    I have not used eBay for nearly a year and a half now. I run a small enterprise, and found that having a website on Google that is well seen, is more valuable than having anything on eBay.  People, you don’t need eBay. 

    I have deliberately boycotted them for all this time, although I could not see how it would work.

    The reason?

    I was treated like a criminal by eBay like others. Why? Because like many others I sold low value eBooks which they said unduly influenced by feedback rating.

    This despite the fact that I asked them before I considered selling ebooks  about the legitimacy of the feedback system which gives credit to high volume, low value sales, rather than high value sales.

    I did question this. So all I did was work the system legitimately and got kicked out.  I see no crime in improving my feedback rating like many others by supplementing high value items with low value items.

    After all, nobody has to give positive feedback.

    They were not interested in responding to me then. Only interested when they get on their high horse about a  low value ebooks when it suited them.

    The feedback system has and is a joke.  It encourages tit for tat customers and tit for tat sellers. 

    eBay as always does not see the full picture.  The system is being abused by sellers AND customers.  Not just sellers.

    Now the system is set heavily in favour of buyers, I know what I would be doing if I were still on eBay.  Leaving.

    Let eBay deal with the sellers they want, those who put up unwanted Christmas present or unwanted items from the attic.

    They are not interested in traders peddling their wares on eBay. 

    eBay is the sort of organisation that when you tell them (as I did many times) about the sale of illicit, black market DVDs, they do NOTHING about it.  I know. I have investigated it in my day job as national newspaper journalist.

    eBay are a great example of why monopolies should NEVER be allowed to exist.  EVER.




  • Guest




  • The Old Vic

    Could someone point me to a good viable alternative to Feebay ? What are people using if they are no longer using Feebay ?

    • Guest

      At I can list at bargain prices because I pay NO listing fees, NO final value fees, NO second category fees, NO fee for as many as 4 photos, and I can list an unlimited number of auctions in Any Category at NO extra cost.

      I am free to link to any other site(s), I have unrestricted communication with my buyers and other sellers and there are NO feedback restrictions.  I am not required to offer PayPal.  My question/concerns are addressed promptly by Real People with Real Answers!  They even give out a Real Phone Number to call if need be.  The atmosphere there is sooo refreshingly friendly.

      All this and much, much more for a flat $8.00 a month.

    • Neil

      There are many alternatives to ebay, however, what you need to think about is the buyers, they will not use the alternatives preferring to stay with ebay, why? they do not have to pay the fees.

      I have tried alternatives and sold virtually nothing, I have my own website with a link to my ebay store, 95% of all sales come from the ebay store. Buyers feel safe with ebay.

      Ebay know this and are not going to kowtow to protestors.

  • Net

    Organize and stop Net Neutrality.  This is a very large group of angry Ebay people.  All of you read about Net Neutrality and get involved take this momentum and do some good with it. 

    You are waisting your time with Boycotts!  Do something that will have effect! 

    • JLH

      I think you are confused about net neutrality.  Net neutrality is what we as an internet user want.  Those large companies such as Verizon, Comcast, etc. do not want it.  They want to be able to determine which sites we visit in what order.  Here is a definition.

      "Network neutrality is the principle that Internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the Internet. The Internet has operated according to this neutrality principle since its earliest days. Indeed, it is this neutrality that has allowed many companies, including Google, to launch, grow, and innovate. Fundamentally, net neutrality is about equal access to the Internet. In our view, the broadband carriers should not be permitted to use their market power to discriminate against competing applications or content. Just as telephone companies are not permitted to tell consumers who they can call or what they can say, broadband carriers should not be allowed to use their market power to control activity online. Today, the neutrality of the Internet is at stake as the broadband carriers want Congress’s permission to determine what content gets to you first and fastest. Put simply, this would fundamentally alter the openness of the Internet."

  • Guest

     "Folks this has been a volume tactic by eBay from the onset. Reeled in by lower fees and freebies…"

    No offense, but you don’t sound like you know anything about actually being a seller on eBay, or about what’s going on with the current situation, for that matter. Besides, the reason behind the boycott is way beyond the fees and has been from the beginning.

  • Paul Marturano

    Good that eBay is again doing what is doing!  I bet 99% of the people complainting here were the ones that bashed me on ebay forums every time I complained when eBay did something unfair before.  You people are cult followers.  You deserve what is happening to you and a half!  Yesterday you were up, now you are down and rightly so.  You helped make ebay the monster that it is now!  TAKE IT!  TAKE IT!  TAKE IT!  like the glitter girl in American Idol.  Only thing is that you won’t be "victorious"!  LOL!


  • The GYPSY

    All I have to say is that I fell into eBays web and was almost swallowed by the monsterous spider. This current debacle of eBays opened my eyes and I learned my lesson well. I have freed myself from the web and will now concentrate on making money the old fashion way. Through my own brick and morter store (32 years in business), and the stores website. I am not here to brag up the store so I won’t be leaving a link to it’s website like so many others posting here have. I am just stating what is fact: Just like the way people really don’t need Wal-Mart people really can survive and prosper without eBay. Start thinking outside the box people and build your own dream.

    • Guest

      Yes I agree with you 100%. You are better off investing in yourself. I have eBay’ed but found that the real winner was not me but them and the parcel services. Now I just plow my money, time and effort into my business.

  • JLH

    Try  It was started off by a policeman and still contains police property items along with other stuff.  I buy on it, so you will have to check and see if it is good to sell from.  I have read abot it in several publications and newspapers, so it is getting press.

  • Jill

    eBay’s tactics are starting to look a lot like Walmart’s. Do it our way or else.

    I left just before the newest increases, to try and make it on my own. 100% of the reason I wanted an on-line store was to do things MY way, not the way some big corporation tells me.

    Time for the little guys to stand up and be counted.

  • Dee

    Having seen that the sellers tried this before and did not succeed in the past..complaining all the time about the fees and such..Why do the sellers not give another auction site the time to get better? GREED!! No patience!!

    Once there was another auction site and the seller just gave up because of the time it takes for the ball to get rolling. Stop complaining about ‘eBay’ and actually do something…like use and support some other site.

    • Guest

      The only way you are going to take down ebay is to keep talking and talking about how bad it is while constantly recommending a better alternative until the momentum builds. Rome wasn’t built in a day nor was it destroyed in one. Something as large as ebay will take constant pressure and time. Everywhere you go, everyone you see you’ll need to tell.

      And it will be a never ending battle like a never endnig roller coster. Because as soon as ebay feels it is affecting them they’ll just buy up the offending auction site…

      If you really, really want to affect ebay buy their stock. The only way to take down a conglomerate that large or at least to affect their sensibilities is to divide and conqeur them, Become part of a minority shareholder group and then take them over.

  • Mat

    Been on eBay since 1996 and will buy a few things from time to time but will never sell again on there.

    Most of my business has gone to which is a nice eBay alternative site with real customer support.

  • Guest

    I to have left ebay, back in Oct. of 07 to start my own website & have been doing quite well for my self since then. I can’t seem to keep stock from selling out. My business has been growing quite well, THANKS to God! I have said goodbye to ebay & hello to an extra $2,000 a month & Growing! Good for all else who quit ebay!

  • Guest

    I have not fully left eBay, yet.  But the time is coming and soon.

    When they increased my listing fees by 500% a few years ago I immediately cut back on my listings and started writing a program to launch my own web site.  Since then I have limited my listings on eBay to 600 store items and no more than 3 live auctions at any time.

    Almost a year ago I was finally able to launch my website, which now has over 3000 webpages of products for sale.  And it is producing 3 times the sales that eBay is producing with a cost of only about $8 per month, while eBay sucks in over half of the sale price.  Bottom line is that the website is almost 100% profit versus less than 50% on eBay.  To put in another way, I am getting 6 times more profit from my website than I am getting from eBay.

    Naturally, eBay is on the way out.  When I get 5000 webpages up (in about 3 months), I will be gone from eBay entirely.  Why should I give them over half of my profit?  Especially when my friend Google indexes my pages so well that most searches for my products put me on page one?

    I, for one, do not like the way eBay is headed.  So, my solution is to go it alone with my own website.  And it is working.

    It can for anyone else as long as you can get the exposure needed to bring in the customers.  For my type of products (mostly limited demand items often in short supply), exposure means massive amounts of webpages – enough so that no matter what items my customers are looking for they can find my site, even if I do not have those items listed.

    Complaining about eBay does no good.  Deciding to divorce yourself from them is the only way that you can win.  You just need to have a good plan in place to guide you in the direction you want to go.

    Will eBay notice that I am gone?  Not hardly.  I am just a tiny invisible ripple in their ocean.  But by going the direction that I am going, I am the ONLY occupant of my tiny lake.  A lake that I am defining.  A lake in which my competitors will probably never be able to be anything more than a tiny invisible ripple.

    So, for those of you that don’t like eBay, get out there and do something about it.  You can do it.  It can be done.  Ween yourself from eBay now before eBay forces you out with nothing.  eBay will never notice you leaving and you can save all of those atrocious fees, not to say anything about all the headaches they give you constantly.


  • Guest

    ebay puts the squeeze on sellers all the time increasing fees preventing charging to payment services [paypal] , ripping you off with listings final values listing upgrades and you havent even got a payment yet !

    then theres paypal fee , and then final paypal % fee . half the time paypal money is jsut funds moved to someone elses account . when these FUNDS are moved never leaving paypal it costs nothing , the money is simply credited to someone elses account . there is no internal or external charge for moving this . yet it is stil lbileld at same outrageous rates as if you where to pay on a card or bank . why is paypay funds moving so expensive ????

    remember ebay was formed by that monkey who was selling crappy pez sweet dispensers . i know , get a life !!!! then more people wanted to seller other crap they have or collect . and now its all the small traders being squeezed out .

    so if i sell a crappy pez sweet machine like the rich ebay founder did or something for 99p , i think i pay 15p to list , 15p for pic , final value fo like 10p , 25p to get paypal payment and another 10p fees = 75p on a 99p sale  .wtf ? it makes it impossible to sell on ebay . now ebay is full of shops who just look to incl hyperlinks to shop and try and get you to use their own webcarts and repeat business outside of ebay . its jsut easy targets …small sellers … who are being shafted .

    now i cant even decide by looking at a buyers feedback if i want to trade with them . they could be dodgy . but from may selelrs cant leave -ve feedback for buyers . how do i determine who is good and bad now . ebay sucks . they have tried to meddle that much its now a JOKE !!!!

    use ebid or onlineacutions sites . its cheaper and fairer

  • Guest

    Ok, honestly everyone, I own a BBB accredited business online for over two years now with a zero complaint record, by the way, and I have done everything to increase traffic and visitors. CPC has definetely been put on the BOTTOM of the list.

    First of all, when you do make a sale through CPC(cost per click), when you do make sales, your profits are "eaten" anyhow do to people clicking on your ads. Lets say you sold something for $10 and only made $3 profit on it(which is a 30% increase). Well, if it took 15 people to click on the CPC ad on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine and you were paying 25 cents per click,  to sell one of those items, it would cost you $3.75. You’re already negative 75 cents!

    In my opinion, from the money Iv’e spent, not spending atleast 25 cents to pay per click only puts your ad at the bottom of "their" list and you’ll be lucky to have a few people actually find it to click on your ad!

    If you think you can just raise your prices to make up for it, WRONG!!! Anyone can EASILY go straight to another website and find the same thing cheaper!

    So, what do you? Well, I’ve worked too hard to give away my secrets! I’ve spent about a year with organic search engine listings to appear on page 1 of many popular search enginge such as Google and Yahoo for many popular keywords. For example, page one rankings on Google, listed as #5 out of a possible 20 million results.

    With everything said, the ONLY good thing about CPC is that I actually found that when I was running the campaigns, on Google, I noticed that my organic listings increased in rankings. Is this a true fact, I don’t know, but that’s what I noticed. And I spend countless hours monitoring all of the work I do.

    Oh yeah, I’ve delt with the good ol’ ebay too, nothing great, listing fee’s kill your profits too! Plus, people don’t always pay for the stuff either. Pain in the butt, if you know what I mean….

    GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! You just need to work extremely hard and hopefully have some money to lose before you go broke, to find the right way to sell and get your stuff out there infront of a mass of people!

    I hope this helps people and thank you for reading.


    Car Stereo Guy

    • Bonnie

      Thank you for your information.  I am new to all this website stuff and it is really difficult to get feedback from other web masters……actually I have put out several requests and never heard anything.  I have been reading some of your articles and they have been very educational.

      Stay Safe & Be Well,



  • Guest

    …If decreasing the clickable area of an Adsense ad is the direct cause, why would a smart company like Google do such a thing? …

    To ask such a question is to show an ignorance of corporate responsibility, and healthy business model (long term) so let me help explain it to you.

    By reducing the number of accidential clicks you get advertisers that get what they pay for. Anything else is is irresponsible and some might go so far as to say that knowingly allowing it to continue (with solutions available) is also unethical. 

    Since advertisers  ultimately decide to halt or continue advertising campaigns based on ROI — accidental clicks only serve to reduce the" R". Ultimately, advertisers will leave for other sources, reducing competition, reducing CPC, and reducing revenue even further for google.

    Ultimately the "why did google do it" questions can only be answered one way…It’s responsible and long term that is good for google.




  • Guest

    Starting an online business isn’t going to bring you profits overnight. First, you NEED to get your name out there so people can find you. Search engines are the perfect way to bring in CASH!!!!! Let’s begin….

    Organic search engine listings are by far the best way to increase traffic and sales to ANY website offering sales of products/items. So, how do you get listed on page one of Google and yahoo? It’s pretty simple my friends! Below I will show you an example of the search engine meta tags, just make sure you keep reading this, first.

    To begin, you need to set up your search engine meta tags. Your TITLE is first. For example, if your setting up search engine meta tags for flat panel televisions your title would be as shown directly below and don’t worry, even further below you’ll see my FULL example of exactly how it will be placed on your website where you can type in your search engine meta tags….

    Flat Panel Televisions|LCD Televisions|Plasma Televisions|TVs (TRY TO STAY UNDER 70 CHARACTERS)

    The reason why I put "TVs" on the end is because these are keywords in your title that search engines such as Google and Yahoo will pick up on. Adding TVs to the end will increase your rankings when someone types in "LCD TVs", not just LCD televisions. See what I mean? Same thing will Plasma TVs, not just Plasma Televisions!

    Now to your meta tags KEYWORDS…

    flat panel tvs, lcd tvs, plasma tvs, flat panel televisions, lcd televisions, plasma televisions, flat panel, lcd, plasma (DO NOT REPEAT THE SAME WORD 3 TIMES)

    Now to your meta tags DESCRIPTION….

    "your website" offers great deals on flat panel televisions, LCD televisions, plasma televisions. Browse flat panel, LCD and plasma TVs now. (TRY NOT TO EXCEED 200 CHARACTERS)

    Actual example below:

    <title>Flat Panel Televisions|LCD Televisions|Plasma Televisions|TVs</title>
    <META NAME="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" CONTENT="TRUE">
    <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="flat panel tvs, lcd tvs, plasma tvs, flat panel televisions, lcd televisions, plasma televisions, flat panel, lcd, plasma">
    <META NAME="description" CONTENT=""your website" offers great deals on flat panel televisions, LCD televisions, plasma televisions. Browse flat panel, LCD and plasma TVs now.">
    <META NAME="rating" CONTENT="General">
    <META NAME="CATEGORY" CONTENT="home page">
    <META NAME="robots" CONTENT="all,index,follow">
    <META http-equiv="Classification" CONTENT="Flat panel televisions at "your".">
    <META NAME="URL" CONTENT="http://www."your"/(whatever your URL is for your department, copy it here.)">
    <META NAME="revisit-after" CONTENT="31 days">

    Maybe I’m a lil crazy for sharing, but I don’t care! I’m NOT one of those uptight people who needs money for everything I share! Maybe because I already make money….hmmmmm? YUP! The above example shows what you NEED to do to EVERY SINGLE department, category, sub category and all individual product pages.

    REMEMBER, FIND A RELIABLE COMPANY THAT WILL SUBMIT YOUR ENTIRE WEBSITE, INCLUDING ALL URLs TO SEARCH ENGINES EVERY MONTH!!!!! Usually costing $100 or more per month. Not so bad when you realize that after 3,4,5 or sixth months later that you’ve just got yourself some pretty darn good rankings on MAJOR search engines!!!!!!!!!

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!! AND WORK YOUR BUNS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    AND, IT WAS FREE INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re smart if you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Russian Introductions

    Who needs the eBay headache? Been there, done that. When they shifted the goal posts they lost me. Its good that OnlineAuctions & other sites are chipping away at the monopoly. I will never use eBay again but havent given up on using online auction services.

    Also I would like to add that the post at the top of this page, relating to meta tags, is good stuff. I subscribe to a few newsletters like Webpronews because every now & then a useful bit of info like this pops up. A lot of SEO techniques can be learned from the newsletters & forums. My advice to anyone who does their own SEO is to milk these newsletters & forums for all they can get. Everyone has advice on this issue but now & then you strike gold. I wouldn’t recommend buying any software in the hope of finding the Holy Grail. I would suggest that you read articles like the post above & try it for yourself. It takes many hours of work but soon you will notice what works & what doesn’t.

  • ricochet

    1)  Ebay raised fees by a whopping 64% (some report a 66.5% increase) on all sellers, except 7 powersellers in the U.S., who qualify for the misleading 15% discount (those seven sellers are only qualified for a discount for 30 days, then will be re-evaluated).  This issue was raised, but not addressed, at the ecommerce forum with the future CEO, Donahoe in attendance.  These fee increases only stand to hurt the buyers of ebay, hurt the sellers chance of profit and success and will put more money into the deep pockets of ebay and paypal (owned by ebay).

    2)  Ebay is taking away ALL sellers’ right to give honest feedback for all buyers.  Buyers will have two choices.  Leave a positive feedback or nothing.  Future sellers will have no way of knowing if a potential buyer has a history of abusing the system or other sellers.

    3.) A second rating system for sellers has also been forced upon them, along with the feedback ratings. The new DSR scoring system is geared toward lowering sellers’ ratings, by having buyers score sellers on such things as shipping time.  Quite often shipping time has more often to do with the carrier than it has with the seller, but the seller is being ranked for this.   Also scored on the DSR rating system is shipping and handling prices.  On a five star DSR rating system, 100% feedback rated sellers, giving free shipping, are being rated as low as 4.5 stars for their shipping prices.  Anything below 4.8 DSR rating prevents powersellers from recieving the unattainable 15% discount (powersellers are also the only ebayers offered this near impossible discount). 

    4) Paypal (owned by ebay) announced March 14th, a new amendment to their user agreement stating Paypal, at it’s "SOLE DESCRETION", may place a hold on ANY ebayer’s funds, if Paypal (ebay) "BELIEVES" a transaction "MAY" be risky AND for an undetermined amount of time.  (Read it yourself, it’s now part of their user agrrement = amend. 10.4)

    5) "Best Match" was created for the purpose of ebay placing their "picks" to be positioned at the front of these searches, which ebay states are their high volume sellers, which offer new items.  All others listings will be buried in the back pages of these searches, greatly reducing the possibility of buyers finding those auctions.

    6.) Incoming CEO, Donahoe, alientated himself from a huge population of sellers by saying he wants ebay out of the "FLEA MARKET" arena and called our concerns and complaints, "NOISE."

    7) All of a sudden, ebay’s offering free stores to try to boost their own dropping numbers.

    8) Ebay’s been caught red-handed padding their own number of auctions listed by placing upwards of a million fake auctions onto their own auction site (search the facts reported in the news).   Ebay did not acknowledge these fake bids until they became public knowledge.  When first admittimg their knowledge about these auctions, Ebay claimed they were glitches in the system.  When that didn’t satisfy the mounting questions, ebay then proclaimed they were tests.  These bogus auctions appearances coincided with the first wave of the 2008 ebay boycott.  One of these fakes, alone, had an impossible user ID, 0 feedback and 35,000 auctions listed with no possible way to bid them.  These ghost auctions raised the reported numbers of auctions listed at that time by an alarming number.  It is reported that these fake auctions are still re-appearing on ebay’s auctions.

    9) Though buyers and sellers,alike, have been begging ebay for years to strengthen their security issues, ebay has recently begun hiding bidder’s user IDs, which only serves to make shill bidding (fake bids to increase the price that honest bidders will have to pay) easier for dishonest ebayers. The fact remains that ebay DOES make a higher profit when shill bidding occurs.

    10) Now ebay’s firing 15,000 employees, as announced by ebay spokesperson, jose mallabo on March 20th.  Mallabo stated, "It’s more of a streamling, particlarly on the customer service front." Donahoe and Ebay’s spokespeople have continually proclaimed that their new "restructuring" policies are to help rebuild buyer confidence, yet ebay is firing 70 employees in their customer service department.  Finding scammers and removing them from the ebay auction site has been a request that is of greatest of importance to all honest ebayers, buyers and sellers.  These requests have not been dealt with in a satisfactory manner.  Now, ebay has announced it is removing 70 employees who are employed to help ebayers with such complaints.


    Are we ebayers mad?  You bet we are and we are still united and growing in huge numbers for the May 1st boycott which coincides with many new ebay "restructuring" policies.  Though the official beginning date for the BOYCOTT against ebay is May 1st, an enormous number of ebayers (buyers & sellers) have already begun their boycotts.  Look at the statistics for how rapidly other internet auction and sale sites have grown in membersips since ebay began announcing these outragous changes and the beginning of the boycott .

    Here is just a sampling of the sites organized for ebayers in the united effort to educate the public and have our voices heard.  This list does not include the enormous number of blogs, posts and videos full of ebayers fleeing ebay auctions (search ebay boycott and you’ll discover we are strong and we are united):

    • CCY

      Just a note to add to #10:  Ebay has said that it is going to look at allegations of bad behavior more closely (whereas before they did pretty much nothing), yet how can they do that with fewer employees?  

      As far as I can see, Ebay is saying everything it can to try to appease people who are concerned that these changes will make Ebay LESS SAFE for buyers and sellers.  Yet, their actions speak louder than words.  This is why BOTH BUYERS AND SELLERS (many but certainly not all) have decreased activity on the site. 

      The problem is in the structure, really.  If Ebay kicks off the abusers, they will lose the fees from the sales from the sellers and from the increased bids of the buyers.  So only if people refuse to use the site because of the lack of security will they do anything about it.


  • jlMarten

    eBay’s Nation-building
    — eBay maintains either partial or complete ownership of the following companies:

    – – now eBay Germany
    – (Internet Auction Co.)
    – – now eBay India
    – – Precision Buying service only
    – Opus Forum
    – PayPal
    – ProStores, Inc.
    – Skype
    – Tradera AB
    – (Jump, Inc.)

    — eBay (or one of its subsidiaries) has had or currently has partnerships or other financial arrangements with the following organizations and companies:

    – 20th Century Fox
    – AfiliNet
    – Alibris
    – Altura
    – AOL
    – Baidu
    – BBDO Advertising/OMD Media Agencies
    – ChannelAdvisor – in conjunction with Tier 1 Asset Management
    – Creative Artist Agency
    – Domino’s Pizza
    – ELance
    – FilmLoop
    – FreeFlow
    – General Motors Corp.
    – Getting Free, Living Free Ministries – PDF web capture
    – Google
    – Harpo Productions (Oprah Winfrey) – Skype only
    – JotSpot
    – Kaboodle
    – LiveWorld
    – Mercedes-Benz
    – MissionFish
    – Mozilla Corp.
    – – ongoing talks only
    – NetSuite
    – PruHealth
    – Sanook
    – Sears, Roebuck & Co.
    – Tier 1 Asset Management
    – Toyota
    – TradeDoubler
    – U.S. Postal Service
    – ValueClick, Inc.
    – Visa
    – Yahoo!


    • Joe Pest Control

      Way to put that in plain English!  While a boycott on Ebay may dampen their spirits its not going to kill the crop. 



    • Cameo Collection

      Wow, that is quite a list.  I will have to remember to list them in my boycott videos.  Thanks for the information.  I have been looking for a list like this as I wanted to do a video on Skype removal and other spyware that Ebay has on your computers.

      I will check that out and make sure I didn’t miss removing any of them from my network.

      Thanks so very much.


  • Guest


    Aggregated search engine for websites and stores.  If you’re not on it send me your link.  Ecrater and Blujay are on it already so if you have a store there – you’re listed.

    I’m working on an auction search next.

    Ebay is coded out of the search.   I’m sure they won’t be impressed.


     I urge all buyers and sellers on eBay around the world to take a stand against the greed that has set in to eBay’ headquarters.

    May 1st 2008 is the next worldwide eBay Strike day, join in and let eBay know now before it’s too late. In 5 years people will be talking about the site that was "eBay".

    eBay! What’s eBay?

    Make some NOISE!

  • Leona

    NOthing to add about those "pig-a-polists"

  • Richard Arndt

    I am looking for lift chairs for two 80+ persons, with limited mobility. I prefer leather. I also prefer a place to look and try them out. They are only around five feet tall, so small is good.

  • Guest


  • Guest
  • yakodesigner

    E-bay is hard..but there’re other resources in the net..basta attendere un pò!

  • Internet Marketing Indonesia

    thanks for your article. Very help me. I will more like visit to webpronews site. :) Fantastic

  • Ejvind

    It seems once again the big bucks have been victorious. It will probably stay that way, untill we all become more caring about each other.

    Does anybody remember how shell was forced to dismantle an oil rig, due to the public opinion? Well, we have a similar situation here.

    You can fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool them all the time – eventually they will find alternatives.

    So a bit of advice to ebay – listen to the customers – and advice for the customers: If your supplier doesn’t listen, find a different supplier.

    Merry christmas, and remember that 2009 is the year of opportunities.

  • Pay attention

    “Seller Boycott Fails To Impress eBay”

    “If that didn’t reinforce the message of eBay’s shift in strategy, nothing else will.”

    Don’t you just hate it when you’re wrong?

    Seems ebay’s ridiculous changes, mass exodus of sellers, thus their listings, and all of the incredibly stupid things that they’ve done over the last 2 years and continue to do HAVE had an impact.

    Leave it to WPN to fully blow it when it comes to accurately capturing the facts when reporting on ebay.

    We told you so.


    I used to work for e-bay. Yup I tried a couple of sales. I realized I can make a little money. So I opened up a store. That is when I realized I was just working for e-bay. There were months when the e-bay and paypal fees amounted to more than what I was making. My GROSS sales were in the Thousands of dollars a month. But my actual income was laughable. Then they raised their prices even more. So I decided to join the boycott.

    Not only did I join the boycott, I joined it PERMANENTLY. I opened up my own internet store. , I make the same income for 1/2 the work. There are other options out there people.

  • Guest

    don’t…opening a Bonanzle booth is free…and commission is serriously great (and the only charge is this fee, once sold!), and, no setup or posting fees at all!

  • Austral washing lines

    I opened my own website after being on ebay for a short while. Ebay gobbled most of my profits and this was before the price rise. I now sell Austral washing lines in my own website which has much better conversion rates than ebay anyway.

  • Matt

    Ebat ebay feebay. start your own store outsite ebay. look at “stores online”, “Blue voda”, “Soholaunch” or just google it.

  • ocdgirl2000

    Maybe when the stock hits $5 a share, they will understand what happened. Or maybe they won’t. They are a corporation, they don’t worry about those trite things like seller satisfaction.

    They will reap what they have sown. This year, to say the least! The market is so ripe for a mature competitor. There is one auction site, online, coming VERY soon. It is managed and owned by a power seller on ebay who understands the morale of it’s sellers. And understands that “ebay no longer serves us”.

  • Guest

    There’s too many other sites out there for anyone to have to use eBay. Yes eBay has the traffic. But not if we all go somewhere else.

    I have my own website now. I don’t pay any fees.

    It’s alos a great place to get invenotry for resellers. There’s no minimums. Buy now pay later. Dropshipping is available.

  • Phillip

    Ebay stopped taking the small seller serious and gave all the trust to the buyer, in such a way that now i cannot tell other sellers that some buyers hold you to ransom for full refunds or even worse….get to keep the goods and a refund in return for positive feedback. Ebay dont listen to small sellers just penelise them for being there.
    So i opened my own store and now do very well thank you ebay. If it wasn’t for ebay getting the greedy bug i would probably still be with ebay, their greed and disrespect for the small seller gave me the confidence to go and do it myself with I have only 1 regret and that is i should have done my own store years ago. Thank you ebay for giving me the confidence to move on.

    Thank you for reading

  • Clothesline Shop Australia

    If we all stop using ebay they will have to listen then wont they!! People power does have a way of getting things done and if we get enough on board sooner or later Ebay will have to sit up and take note. I opened my own online store instead of an ebay store and it goes great guns, plus has little fees compared to ebay…wake up ebay and listen to your sellers!!!

    • *55princess55*

      If there is going to be another boycott can someone please email me? I would definitely like to be part of it.

  • Roger

    The best way to boycott ebay is too open your own shop. Ive opened my own. Ebay isnt really needed by sellers or even buyers. Most people buy from independant sellers online so why wait.

  • Guest

    I quit Ebay! Now Iam out for revenge! Lets stick it to them like the greedy sons of ####### did to us. I now have my own website where I sell Amazon products, that means I make money off other peoples auctions. Plus I can list all the products of my own that I want, (I do not have to list them with Amazon first) I just put them up on my website. I can also put all the affiliate links banners and digital products that I want on MY webpage and get paid for it. I have my own domain name so Iam building my own brand name and customer base. It was a turnkey website setup and ready to go when I started it, but with the online editor you get with it you dont need to know HTML or any programing to add your own products,banners, affiliate links, or digital products. I can change the site to look anyway I want its very easy to do. And I offer my costomers Free online games,news ,weather, sports and more. All for $20 a month. Why pay Ebays fees when you can have all of this and amazon will pay you to sell other peoples poducts along side yours , and you dont have to list anything on amazon if you dont want to? Go to my site to see an example of this Website. I have modified the site(you will not get one just like it) to look the way I want, you can do the same very easy. If you also want to do this- just click the green banner at the top of the page.

  • matt

    I cant beleive ebay just shrugs it off! Shows the contempt for people that they have. Could anybody imagine Ford or McDonalds doing that?

  • fashion polo shirts

    I was looking at the list someone added as a comment on here about the websites ebay own – I had no idea that ebay owned part of or the whole of Craigslist. That’s crazy I didn’t know that!

  • Guest




  • Canadian Financial Forums

    Instead of boycotting eBay, just start your own ecommerce site…

  • Clothes lines

    We sell clothes lines on our own site now because of the fees on ebay. We do much better now and our site ranks number one. Im still using paypal but will be moving to the banks.

  • Guest

    If you don’t like ebay there are plenty of places to sell online, one such place is a penny auction site called that allows users to sell products. They also do an auction similar to ebay that don’t let last second bidders by increasing the time. It’s perfect for sellers.