Selena Gomez Talks Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato Split

    January 23, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Selena Gomez reacted to Justin Bieber’s arrest earlier today by saying she hopes the singer gets the help he so desperately needs. Shying away from making any additional comments, it was easy to see that the situation made her uncomfortable.

In other news about the Come & Get It singer, it seems Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato did in fact experience a falling out and split from being BFFs for a while. Selena finally acknowledged this publicly in a recent interview with Seventeen magazine. The problems leading to the break down of their friendship took place around 2010, but Gomez assures everyone that the two are closer than they’ve ever been now.

Selena shares details about the situation in the magazine’s March issue, and Seventeen shares Selena Gomez’s picture on its cover.

“I’ve known her since we were seven—and we did fall apart for a while,” Selena says of Demi Lovato. “She was going through things and I was so young and it was confusing—I processed it saying, ‘OK, I don’t understand what she’s going through so I’m just going to do this.’ And I don’t think it was fair, and I’m so happy that I have her back in my life now. I feel like we’re all given what we can handle, and clearly someone thought she could handle so much—and she could, and she did. And she’s incredible for that. I couldn’t imagine going through some of the things that she went through, and the fact that she is who she is today is insane—she’s one of my inspirations.”

Selena Gomez was spotted out buying cigarettes in California on the same day Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI in Miami. Regardless of the status of her relationship with Bieber she wants only the best for him and certainly doesn’t want to see him in situations that can potentially cause him harm.

Fortunately she has Demi Lovato to rely on should she need to talk about the situation. Since the two girls are thick as thieves once again, they can bounce their thoughts and feeling off one another. Following Justin’s situation in Miami, it’s quite likely Selena Gomez will need her BFF.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Wow Really

    Do women ever stop with this nonsense? I guess they don’t. It just all sounds so childish. Like people can’t get past their high school days. These women all talk as if they have hard lives — my God they are all set for life. They literally will not ever have to worry about anything for life. Anything they will have to worry about will be generated by themselves.

    Look at that magazine cover. Look what it is trying to sell girls. It is all made up. Every girl on their came from a rich family or used sex to get what they wanted. Then the magazine is telling the average girl they can do the same thing, but they need to buy, buy, buy and be like those women. Then when things don’t work out, the very same girls will get mad and swear they are being held back by society and men, when the reality is that they listened to a bunch of morons in the first place.

    This is why the world hates America. It isn’t for our freedoms. It is because we are phony. We look up to little girls who never grow up and are totally out of touch with reality.

  • A

    Why was she out buying cigarettes? Seriously…. I don’t think those things help your singing in any way, shape, or form.

    • @A

      For Selena, it isn’t about her singing. She is hot as hell. Her singing doesn’t matter. People have been talking about how great looking she is since she was 13. In fact, they did a sex spread when she was 14. Face it — it isn’t her voice that is getting her noticed. There are tons of women that can sing just as good as her. It is the body and face they don’t have.

  • http://webpronews Ivette Hernandez

    I feel so bad for selena gomez even though I am a believer she should leave him bc he is just a bad influence to his fans and his family that love maybe not all his family but his mom really truly loves justin

    • http://webpronews Ivette Hernandez

      Okay I messed uppp