Selena Gomez Ignores Justin Bieber’s Instagram Share

    March 4, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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It seems like Justin Bieber is having a hard time getting over Selena Gomez.

Although the two have been broken up since November, and Bieber has bigger things to worry about, it seems like his recent troubles may have put things in perspective for him and he is beginning to realize that he lost a good girl.

Bieber and Gomez have slammed each other since the break up and Bieber even recently called Gomez a drunk after finding out some of her close friends considered him a bad influence.

After seeing Gomez at the Oscars, be must have had a change of heart because he shared a photo of her on Instagram and even called her the “most elegant princess in the world.”

Gomez didn’t even acknowledge Bieber’s Instagram share or his comment about her. Instead, she decided to post a picture of her own to help distract everyone from Bieber’s desperate plea to make up with her.

Gomez posted a photo of herself and Vanessa Hudgens. Gomez is wearing the same dress she wore to the Oscars, and in the photo that Bieber shared. She called Hudgens her “only, official party buddy for life.”

Gomez’s photo seems to suggest that she doesn’t have Bieber on her mind at all and while he is drooling over photos of her, she is out partying and having the time of her life.

What do you think of Bieber sharing Gomez’s photo and do you think the two stars will ever get back together?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • gklepic gklepic

    She should not listen or read about his stupid stuff. He thinks because he has a little entourage that he is somebody. Selena is a good girl.

  • Mike R

    What you need is me between Selena and Vanessa.

  • hemmisclaws

    I’m so glad she moved on from that tired wimp. The “Bad Boy” image is dead and frowned upon now days. Grow up you little twerp and take your sorry ass back to Canada so the Olympic hockey players can knock your teeth out for being stupid!