See Who Wins The Gold Medal In Curling With Bing

By: Zach Walton - February 5, 2014

The Winter Olympics are quickly approaching and those who understand what’s good in life are excited to see curling make its triumphant return to television after a four year hiatus. Your life is busy though and you just can’t keep track of all the curling goodness like you used to. That’s where Bing comes in.

Bing announced this afternoon that it wants to be your go to stop for all things Winter Olympics this year. With just a simple search, you’ll be able to keep track of the event schedule, who’s competing and more.

First up, Bing will show you the event schedule for each sport by simply searching for said sport. For example, a simple search for Curling brings up the first day’s schedule of events with the Russian and Great Britain men’s curling team facing off at 12:00 a.m. ET.

See Who Wins The Gold Medal In Curling With Bing

Now then, if you’re interests lie more with the athletes than the sport itself, Bing has you covered as well. Say, for instance, you want to keep track of John Shuster – the U.S. Men’s Curling Team Captain. A quick search on Bing will bring up his biography and a Timeline of his accomplishments:

See Who Wins The Gold Medal In Curling With Bing

Finally, Bing will be keeping track of which countries are winning the most medals throughout the game. Simply search for “olympics medal tally” and you’ll be given a little graphic with a list of countries and how many medals they’ve won. As you might expect, the graphic isn’t live just yet, but here’s a preview of what it will look like:

See Who Wins The Gold Medal In Curling With Bing

If you happen to like one of those other sports, like snowboarding or cross-country skiing, you’ll be able to track them and their athletes just fine via Bing as well.

Image via olympicvancouver2010/YouTube

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