See Google Queries That Resulted in a Click

    May 19, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google is expanding the Search Query Performance Report for AdWords. The goal is to provide users with more visibility into the performance of ads and to aid in the decision process.

The report helps users optimize campaigns and manage phrase and broadmatch keywords by tracking performance of keyward variations that trigger ads. The tool should be especially helpful considering recent data from comScore showing that people are searching with longer queries, and PPC click growth is actually suffering.

Words Per Search

The report will now show all queries that resulted in a click, where the user hasn’t specifically blocked their referrer URL. " In other words, this includes all queries that you would see in your server logs or if you use a tool like Google Analytics," explains Dan Friedman on Google’s Inside AdWords Blog. "In requiring that the referrer URL be present, we are upholding our commitment to user privacy."

With the update, users will likely see longer lists of queries in the reports, and many of them will have low traffic. "We encourage you to focus your decisions about the performance of your keyword variations on those variations that occur most frequently and have a significant amount of performance data," says Friedman.

To run a search query performance report, sign into your AdWords account, click the "reports" tab, click "Create report," select "search query performance" as your report type. If you need help from there, this page at the help center should be of assistance.