Security Tab and Monitor Problem

    June 8, 2004

I had was wondering why the SECURITY tab under Tools, Internet Options would not be there??

I have a person running Windows 98 and it does not have the Security tab. It does have the general, and privacy tabs though.

M. L.

Remove IE Restrictions & Restore Missing tabs. Download a fix from:

The problem may be due to:

1. A spyware. Download Ad-Aware from, scan the system and eliminate the malware products. Re-apply the above fix if necessary. Remember to update the pattern file using WebUpdate in Ad-Aware

( Caused by a malware called CoolWebSearch. Also, Download: ) OR

2. You have enabled SpyBot immunize (protection) feature or any other similar software.

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Dear Carey,

I have a win98 (packard bell). I had started seeing problems in my monitor. I read my windows98 book and thought maybe due to having walkie-talkies plugged in close to the computer, this was my problem. So, I moved them from my computer. Then I noticed when I would defrag, nothing would defrag. I got up one morning my computer acted as if it had been shut down. It was reading; pooling DMI data. I couldn’t get it to do anything so I hit a key. The screen went blank, (black). I shut it off and when I turned it back on, nothing. A black screen. I tried re-booting. Nothing. I held down the control key while starting up, nothing.I even done a cold boot and still nothing. I also had to keep hitiing the button on my monitor to get it to come on and it would shut back off. When it stayed on it would make a continous ringing noise. Is my monitor just wore out? What can I/ Should I do?


South carolina

I would recommend borrowing a monitor if possible from a friend or neighbor to see if that is indeed your problem. You may have a dead computer, and it may require you to take it to a professional for diagnosis. However, knowing that Packard Bell went out of business 7 years ago, it’s safe for me to assume your computer is due to be replaced anyway.

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