Secure Wi-Fi Connectivity for Enterprise Clients

    October 25, 2004

The industry’s first self serve, yet traceable and instantly available guest access environment comes from Sesame Networks.

Using SesameSpots, as they’re called, enterprises can provide the secure Wi-Fi connectivity for their clients and partners where it’s needed most – in corporate meeting rooms. SesameSpots solve the business challenge of how to give partners and visitors access to the Internet, so that they can get mission critical data to boost meeting productivity and effectiveness. Sesame’s patent pending identity management process enables quick and easy, self serve access to services through a Wi-Fi Internet connection for visiting employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, consultants, or guests.

“Over the past decade, as the workforce has become increasing mobile and reliant on an always-on connected business climate, corporations and their executives have increasingly found a growing connectivity gap when out of the office,” said Tom Hope, founder, president and CEO of Sesame Networks. “This gap occurs when they leave their own corporate LAN and enter someone else’s, effectively cutting them off from the mission critical ERP or CRM data they use to make informed decisions, stay ahead and collaborate with partners and peers. With the growing availability of wireless networks, and the integration of Wi-Fi into standard business tools, Sesame Networks is delivering the products necessary to fill the connectivity gap with its cost-effective, trusted Wi-Fi guest access solution.”

SesameSpots have been deployed throughout Canada including leading law firms, government institutions and automotive retailers and service centers, and is currently trialing with several firms in the U.S.

Internet access at a SesameSpot is instantly available to the corporate guest and can be activated without impacting IT personnel. Guests simply provide a cell phone number and their password is sent to them via a SMS text message. Guest sessions initiated at a SesameSpot are tracked and stored so that if a security breach occurs, individual corporations have immediate recourse if necessary. Sesame provides end users with a single Sesame password valid at any SesameSpot throughout the world.

“Enabling corporate guests to access their mission critical data can make the host organization more productive, efficient and responsive to changing market conditions and competitive threats,” said Joel Conover, Principal Analyst at Current Analysis. “Sesame Networks has uniquely solved the problem of granting guest access in the enterprise without sacrificing accountability for traffic on the enterprise LAN in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

Sesame Networks will demonstrate its patent-pending guest access solution at the upcoming Wi-Fi Planet Conference November 30 – December 2, 2004 in San Jose, California (booth #325). In addition, Tom Hope will present as part of the Wireless Security Track on December 2, on a panel entitled, “Mobile Wireless Security: Beware the Road Warrior.”

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