Secret To Monetizing Your Site

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So maybe you’re thinking to yourself; Hey, I need to start making some money online. Maybe you’re one of those that had that thought a while ago now… but aside from maybe the being online part

Secret To Monetizing Your Site
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  • http://www.digmypage.com DigMyPage

    SM is right on the money. Concentrate on providing something that is useful to users. Contents, tools, tip, tricks what ever it is. People don’t visit a website to stare at the the ads.

    Once you have the userbase, you can blend your ads to even provide more values to visitors.

  • http://www.dolphinstreet.com Robert

    Build traffic – not ads – that is one thing ShoeMoney is talking about. Excessive ads can turn people away. However, if the content is good enough, they will still come.

    I find it interesting that your article here says:
    “Does your site have more sponsored buttons and banners than a NASCAR? Might be a problem. Prioritize and eliminate.”

    I find it a bit ironic that this very site is suffering from this ad problem – there are ads all over the place on this very comment page… almost turning me off, yet here I am responding to your content.

  • http://lzw-money-website.com Lenore Zur Welle

    I purchased a website with all the help in the world and have not had even one person to the site. I did everything the site said to do but still nothing! I even had a friend click on the the Google ADsense just to see if it were working and couldn’t even get paid for that,and I know that’s a NO-No. I have all the desire, motivation and time in the world to learn to be successful. I’m thinking that for all the money spent that it’s all a scam just to make others richer. I’ve spent over $500 that I could ill afford, have nothing to show for it except a lot of disappointment and frustration. Is this the norm or am I just another dupe?

    • pbase

      I’m sorry to say, Lenore, that in this circumstance you are the dupe. But you don’t have to be one anymore.
      There are a lot of people our there very willing to sell you “turnkey websites” that they claim will start generating instant income. Well the sites do generate instant income, but for the seller, not you.
      Greatly simplified, the best thing you can do to start earning income from a website is:

  • http://www.madguitarlicks.com Dave

    It’s a no brainer really.  Gain trust and really connect with people.  That’s what they want, so give it to them. 

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