Second Life: Reality not Escapism

    August 2, 2006

Some interesting commentary about PR and Second Life from Steve Rubel in a brief interview I’ve just watched.

On one point he makes, though, I just don’t agree.

Steve says Second Life is all about escapism:

[] any metaverse that we’re talking about here-it’s all about people are going into these universes to escape their lives and have a virtual life and live that.

(Thanks to Tony Walsh at Clickable Culture for transcribing Steve’s interview.)

Undoubtedly many people do use places like Second Life for that reason. But it’s not all about escapism.

I think Second Life presents an alternative reality – a parallel place, if you will, where you can construct a viable approximation of a real environment that certainly has little to do with escapism.

The increasing entrance of established businesses into Second Life is hardly about escapism. It’s about real business opportunity even though many haven’t entirely figured out why there’re they or exactly what they’re going to do.

And that’s the opportunity for PR pros – figure it out alongside the experimenters and early adopters in a joint learning path that will produce business opportunities for mutual benefit.

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