Second Life Not a Passing Fad

    March 28, 2007

CNET says, “Starting on Wednesday, representatives of companies including MTV Networks and its Nickelodeon, IBM, AOL and Disney, as well as institutions like Harvard University, the American Cancer Society and the Centers for Disease Control, will gather here for Virtual Worlds 2007, the first major conference designed specifically to promote marketing in virtual worlds to Fortune 500 companies.”

Second Life

I’m still trying to get it. Sometimes I think I do, then other times I wonder what all the fuss is about. Honestly, I’m with Darren Barefoot on this one (most of the time anyway). He did a parody of Second Life called Get a First Life.

Funny thing is, I may be looking at the next frontier of online marketing, something even bigger than blogging, and don’t realize it. It’s going to take some convincing from some informed person as to the ultimate real-world value to stimulate more interest at this point.

It would do me a great deal of good to dig in and get a first hand look at SL. I did create an avatar and have tooled around a bit. That’s the extent of it though. Still, if companies like those listed in the CNET article have an interest, there must be something to it, right?