Second Life Growth Accelerates

    January 29, 2007

Logging in to Second Life earlier this morning, I noticed in the grid status information that the number of registered users has now passed the three million mark.

The growth in numbers of people who are registering an account to use the virtual world is accelerating.

In October 2006, the number of registered users hit one million. By the end of December, just two months later, it had passed two million. Today, only a month further on, another million have joined.

A point to note is this doesn’t mean all these people are online all the time, as Second Life Insider’s Tateru Nino emphasizes:

[…] this reflects signups, not paying subscribers (approximately 55 thousand on the 24th of January), and Second Life’s retention rate at last report was 10 percent at 90 days. Indeed, many people sign up for a Second Life account and do not log in within 60 days (back of the envelope calculations based on Linden Lab’s published statistical data say around 8,500 per day sign up but don’t log in).

Still, impressive – and expected – growth.

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