Second Life and Internet Marketing

    December 1, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

From a marketing perspective I am constantly looking at Internet trends and developments – to see what works and what hasn’t worked.

I look at if from a BANGitUP business approach but also from my other business – Max Media & Entertainment (New Media consulting).

Yes, this process constantly includes checking the web site for SEO (Search Engine Optiminisation), managing reciprocal links, posting to forums, writing this blog, adding content to the likes of YouTubes and what ever seems like a good idea.

In saying that I just noticed that our old cheekly BANGitUP music video has now been viewed over 45,000 times on Youtube (28,000 + 11,000 + 6,700 ) but that’s nothing when you understand there are 100 million Youtube downloads per day.
Note: If you didn’t know Google recently bought Youtube for something like $1.2b USD.

BUT, to be honest that’s all a bit yesterday – the most amazing thing I’ve come across on the web in the last couple of months is Second Life.

I’d originally heard of it a couple of times but it was only when a good mate of mine (who is CEO of a Internet marketplace technology company) told me to have a look I thought it was probably time.

So, one Friday afternoon a couple of weeks ago I logged on the website to find out for myself.

The marketing blurb says Second Life is a 3D online digital world, imagined, created and owned by its residents. You build a character and can then buy and sell (anything) ; build and play.

“A game!” I thought.

If you’re like me then usually you don’t have much time for computer games – a lot of my youth was spent doing that. I already spend too much time on computers so I tend spend my non work time on the more physical aspects of life – but anyway, as it was Internet marketing this was now business.

I downloaded the software and did all the usual set up stuff, then through the initial training – it’s a little bit hard (not too difficult) but soon learnt.

At this stage it’s all pretty non eventful. If you’re like me you tend to skip manuals and want to learn by experience so after about 1/2 an hour I standing in the main foyer, my character created (Avatar) dressed in stock standard white shirt and blue jeans.

My character a bit like what I thought of myself 20 years ago – had hair; a six pack; you know – no hairs in your ears type of thing. Anyway, the key point is you create whatever look you’re happy with – though frankly, as in real life – looks are only skin deep.

Anyway enough of that – back to marketing.

The key point to understand is that Second Life brings together all those people on the Internet into one meeting place BUT more importantly is has commerce – ie buying and selling.

At the time of this writing there are 1.6M residents and 13,138 people logged on now.
Over 160 people are making in excess of $1,000-$2,000 USD per month profit.

If you’ve haven’t already clicked then give this a go. in Second Life.

When I get a chance I’ll tell you a couple of funny stories. In the meantime – if you’re into marketing you need to look at this thing.

Havind seen a lot of technology over the last twenty years this is the next YouTube – I have no doubt the whizz kids at Google, Murdoch and maybe the Packer crew are already eyeing this one off.



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