Seattle Seahawks' Earl Thomas Isn't Very Good At Madden NFL


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In the near future, we may be faced with a year without a Super Bowl. It's certainly something that I don't want to think about, but it could happen. If that ever were the case, we can at least rest easy that the teams participating could just play Madden NFL to decide the victor.

Seattle Seahawks' safety Earl Thomas and Denver Broncos' running back Knowshon Moreno were at the Xbox lounge this week and decided to play a friendly game of Madden NFL on the Xbox One. While both players are no doubt very good on the field, Moreno is obviously the better Madden player as the final score of their exhibition match was 34-0.

According to the annual Madden NFL simulation, the Broncos will win the Super Bowl 31-28. With two wins for the Broncos in Madden, the Seahawks will have to fight that much harder this Sunday to beat back the forces of foreshadowing currently gripping the team. Maybe a quick rematch on Saturday between the two can realign the cosmic forces in the Seahawks' favor.

Image via xbox/YouTube