SearchRev Says Buy Your Keywords, Big Brands

    March 10, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Major brand name companies that rank highly in organic search for their brands should close the loop of their marketing campaigns by purchasing the brand keywords for paid search too.

Eduardo Llach saw how well a branded keyword strategy worked in the context of global beverage giant, Coca-Cola. The chief marketing officer of SearchRev said not enough brands follow Coke’s example.

After optimizing for a brand keyword campaign, Llach said conversion rates and click-throughs increased. This happens because the campaign closes the loop on marketing to an audience through its various methods.

Coke is a high-profile example of this, with some of their terms going to American Idol, or for Heidi Klum’s awareness promotion of women’s heart health at the Oscars. Advertising inspires an act by visitors, Llach said.

But when a brand already ranks #1 organically, the decision makers may wonder why they should pay for the traffic they already receive for free. Llach suggested buying branded keywords leverages a campaign better.

One interesting point came up when we discussed Coke itself as a branded keyword. With several beverages under the Coca-Cola umbrella, product marketers for Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Coca-Cola all want the valuable Coke keyword for their campaigns.

That indicates one of the issues facing those who would promote brand keyword buys for their company: who gets to use it? Llach said it takes work from the top marketing executives on down to get everyone lined up for campaigns, and the keyword’s role in them.