Searching TV Shows with Google Video

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No, the Google Video search tool is not for finding naughty videos-use Yahoo Video for that (please, if you have kids, set on it’s filter). Google Video, on the other hand, is a product of Google Labs and it enables you to search their growing archive of televised content, by looking for words in the transcript.

Google TV
Finding TV Shows With Google Video Search

Editor’s Note: Has anyone made use of the various video search tools available? Have you had any experience with Google Video? Does this type of targeted search serve a purpose for you in your day-to-day Internet travels? Share your comments at WebProWorld.

Google Video
Google Labs

For example, let’s say that would like to know what ABC has been saying about the economy. It’s as easy as going to Google Video and querying [channel:abc economy]. The resulting page would deliver something like this:

From there, you pick the show you want to review and you will get a transcript of the parts where your search word was said, with a corresponding still image of the video. In the future, you’ll be able to play the actual videos.

Google is still testing this product, so you’ll find programming only from a limited number of channels, which they’ve been indexing since late December 2004. You can expect to see more content as they continue to add new channels.


Like what you see? Good. Let’s get started.

Go to the Google Video page and type in your search term. You can do an advanced search by using the two special search operators:

title: If you are looking for a specific TV show, you can use any any word from the show title. Note that you cannot search for a portion of the word, it must be a full word. For example, the word “nightline” will find the show Nightline but the string “night” will not (since Nightline is one word). Be aware that there can be no space between the operator and the keyword. Try the following example to bring up the Bulls and Bears TV show:

[Google+Search”>title:Bulls and Bears]

channel: If you want to search only a particular channel, use the channel: operator followed by the channel name. Make sure that there is no space between the operator and the keyword. This example will show what was said about the economy on ABC:

[channel:abc economy]

Once you drill down to a particular TV show, you will see links on the left that will provide more information about the show, and the dates, types and specific channels of upcoming episodes.

You’ll find help at the Google Video Help page and the Google-Labs-Google-Video discussion group.

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Searching TV Shows with Google Video
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