Searchers Ask, McSteamy Broke His What?

    January 25, 2009
    WebProNews Staff

Men take their manhood really, really seriously. It probably shouldn’t be surprising, then, that after McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy suffered a fractured penis, the Internet lit up with searches for information about the injury as men everywhere asked, “can that really happen?”

Searchers Ask, McSteamy Broke His What?

This is why we love Google Trends.

Searches for keywords “penile fracture” and “broken penis” are still high on the top search gainers list well into Friday morning after Thursday night’s broadcast, even as the day’s news about Casey Anthony’s father’s disappearance and Hillary Clinton’s Senate replacement overtake the collective consciousness.

Searchers Ask, McSteamy Broke His What?

For the non-Grey’s Anatomy crowd, “McSteamy” is not the geek from “Can’t Buy Me Love.” That’s McDreamy.


If you’re just now learning of this broken penis business by reading this article, please consult Wikipedia for more information.

A couple of other fun things we learned from Google Trends this morning: It’s National Pie Day, which should be a good enough excuse, and a high school basketball team in North Carolina has perfected the double alley oop.