Search Neutrality Before Net Neutrality

    August 6, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

We have an intrinsic and well-supported mistrust of the major broadband providers in the telecom and cable industries. It has been suggested search engines need just as much scrutiny.

Search Neutrality Before Net Neutrality
Search Neutrality Before Net Neutrality

The assumptions of fairness assigned to search engines and their algorithmic work have come about because we believe computers act as the ultimate neutral arbiter of rules. Programmers and administrators have long known computers give back what has been given to them, no more and no less.

Nemertes Research president and chief research officer Johna Till Johnson thinks Google gets a lot more benefit of the doubt than it deserves. Her NetworkWorld article on Google and net neutrality suggested that Google has parlayed this way of thinking about computers into a mindset where only Google can truly judge neutrality:

On Planet Google, what