Search Marketing Goes Holistic

    February 28, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Holistic. It is what it pretty much sounds like: a focus on the whole, rather than one piece of the whole. At SMX West, the discussion surrounding search is no longer just about securing your place in a same-for-everybody top-ten list of search results. The discussion is about being everywhere; it’s about establishing a case for digital omnipresence.


SMX West: Universal Search Abides, Dude
SMX West

What we’ve learned so far: search is changing. Universal and/or blended search incorporates data from local maps and results, images, videos, blogs, forums, whatever’s out there. Personalized search whittles all that down based on user behavior. Soon, each person may have a different set of search results from the next person’s.


To succeed in that online environment, businesses are going to have to learn to be everywhere, managing an online presence from a number of angles. That also means businesses will have to know how to manage their online reputation by effectively combating negative information about them, too. Holistic.

SMX West isn’t over yet, and there’s more to come.