Search Marketing Goes Holistic

SMX West: Establishing Digital Omnipresence

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Holistic. It is what it pretty much sounds like: a focus on the whole, rather than one piece of the whole. At SMX West, the discussion surrounding search is no longer just about securing your place in a same-for-everybody top-ten list of search results. The discussion is about being everywhere; it’s about establishing a case for digital omnipresence.


SMX West: Universal Search Abides, Dude
SMX West

What we’ve learned so far: search is changing. Universal and/or blended search incorporates data from local maps and results, images, videos, blogs, forums, whatever’s out there. Personalized search whittles all that down based on user behavior. Soon, each person may have a different set of search results from the next person’s.


To succeed in that online environment, businesses are going to have to learn to be everywhere, managing an online presence from a number of angles. That also means businesses will have to know how to manage their online reputation by effectively combating negative information about them, too. Holistic.

SMX West isn’t over yet, and there’s more to come.

Search Marketing Goes Holistic
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  • http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/radelec1/radelec1/ Ralph Sabean

    All I’ve ever seen about search engine marketing is you have to be rich to set it up or extremely knowledgable. I took courses on marketing and Web Design along with ways supposed to make your site more visable but nothing I did worked. I tried many key words & different Ideas and descriptions + hidden comments. I even copied site keywords from popular sites but nothing worked So I checked further and so I learned about buying key words and descriptions from Google Etc. I never tried that because I’m living way below average income eking would be more of  proper description. Finally I could not afford to keep the site. So I have only the one I created on my local server.

    I’ve been thinking and it seems to me that since we pay for the local email server any way how come we can’t market through it any way. We are online most of the time with high speed so why do we need a site. We just need a way to market right from our PC. Then the only time we would be off line is when the local server was down or we restart or disable.  We just need to start thinking smart. Individual is going to be the thing of the future so I think we should start before everyone else does it and we get shuffled out in the online drivel.  I think we just need to partition our hard drive and on the partition create a web store where people could view what we are selling and buy from us directly. This would keep people where we want them and not in our personal files on the computer. Along with a good firewall and if that isn’t good enough we could use a computer with only the Web Store on it separate from our personal.

    What do you think?

  • http://www.hemorrhoidshemroids.com/ Donald

    It is both  good and bad that individuals can now have individual search results tailored to them, for some anyway. 

    Personally, I like to see the results for my search term irrespective of what a search engine thinks i personally want.  Even if it means wading through some results that may be useless to me.

    I find the thought that my search results are being biased by my previous searching quite horrifying. 

    Sometimes I pursue the wrong tack in my searching or find something a bit off my search that clarifies my search even better.

    Is there going to be anyway to tell the  search engine, "hey, I want to find what I type in for my current search, don’t look at my past searches."?

    Google already offers a variety of options on it’s search pages that can be manually selected – eg treatment / alternative medicine / book / etc.   For me, I never use those other suggestions, I just want to find what I’m looking for my way.


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