Search is Critical to Microsoft

    January 3, 2005

According to Seattle PI, Microsoft needs its newly launched search products to be a success.

Seattle PI: Apart from helping boost advertising revenue for MSN, industry analysts say the search business is important to Microsoft because of the potential for Web search sites and hard-drive search tools to effectively put a new layer over Windows, superseding the Microsoft operating system as the main interface people use to interact with the computer.”

Here is the rest of search part of the article:

“…One of the most intense technology battles during the past year was the burgeoning search competition among Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! and other providers of technology for finding information and files on the Internet and computer hard drives.

Microsoft is trying to make up lost ground by developing its own MSN Search engine.

So far, Microsoft has primarily been in test mode, releasing preliminary versions of its Internet and hard-drive search tools but continuing to rely on technology licensed from a Yahoo! subsidiary on its main MSN Search site.

That’s expected to change early this year, with the launch of a finished version of the internally developed MSN Internet search technology.

A final version of the hard-drive search tool is expected later in the year.”

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