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There is still a lot to learn about Bing of course. Microsoft’s new search engine hasn’t been live that long. After reading the back and forth of Matt Cutts and Bing, I started wondering how Bing and Google were treating each other’s results.

Come to find out, that if you search Google (or other search engines) on Bing, you typically get a single "best match" result, with sub-results underneath it. You then get a link that says "search for other results containing…" When you click on that link, you get a regular SERP.  Perhaps even more interesting, underneath the sub-results, there is a search box that lets you search using Google (or whatever search engine the query was for…yahoo, ask, etc.).

Google search on Bing

Now the results from a search with that box aren’t displayed within Bing. I doubt they could get away with that. Although they do allow you to play videos from within a video search results page with a simple mouseover.

I do find it somewhat interesting that they are making it easier for users to search with their competitors’ search engines by providing the search box right in the SERP. It is perhaps fitting though, considering "Google" was the most-searched term on Microsoft’s Live Search.

It’s not just queries for search engines that give you the one-result-SERP, though. Social networks appear to do the same, though not all of them. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Bebo all do it, but Twitter gives you a full-blow SERP.

There are variations on the formula too. A query for MySpace will give you the one-result-SERP, and a searchable box, just like the search engine queries, but Facebook doesn’t deliver the search box, but instead a customer support phone number. Twitter doesn’t deliver the one-result-SERP, but still includes the searchable box in the top result.

On a sidenote, Bing has some major relevancy issues with video search  (at least with a query for Google or Yahoo). On the first SERP here, I’m only seeing one result that has anything to do with Google whatsoever, apart from the fact that every video on the SERP comes from Google-owned YouTube. I mean seriously…the second result is a Britney Spears video. A Yahoo search brings up nothing about Yahoo, but a bunch of results from Yahoo.



Google Videos on Bing


Yahoo Videos on Bing

Make of all of this what you will. There are still no doubt plenty of tweaks to be made. After all, Bing isn’t even supposed to be launched yet.

Search Google and Yahoo from Bing
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  • http://www.blender.co.nr Guest

    I loved the video preview feature. It is the best thing I ever seen on a search engine. Because, it doesn’t even send me to a web page to watch it full view.

  • http://www.grateproducts.com Grate Products

    We’re personally giving Bing a while to work out the bugs before we take it too seriously. Normal listings that we use to look at on live.com are quite different on Bing (at least for our industry locally). I’m sure it can only get better but if anything we see Google adapting the “tweaks” and “Googalizing” them.

    But good for them that they were able to pump out something that “works” ahead of release date.

  • http://www.seoauditors.com SEO Company

    Bing does have some cool features but, I tend to agree with Matt. The search results are not that accurate. With time they will get better and Google will implement something even better.

  • http://linkdirs.blogspot.com/ SEO Dirs

    Although a huge bug and Bing should have fixed things like this before launch but they are new and lets give them some time.
    BTW bugs like this are going to hurt them a bit too badly.

  • Halal

    I actually disagree. I don’t really think Google result is as accurate as we give it. I usually use yahoo, live and Google, sometimes all three just to find what I am looking for. I’ve never really agreed with the notion that Google is an accurate search engine. Google just put search engine on the map as before content was what made the web, thus making search business a more frontal thing on the internet than anyone had ever done previously. Yahoo results I’ve noticed lately is getting much better. As far as Bing goes, I don’t think you should underestimate the Redmond guys. Many have stated such and lived to regret it later. One thing I know about Microsoft is they never make the same mistake twice. The first live.com was too much like Google in terms of inter phase, but over time they have learned to transform the search technology to something better.

    Look at the result Bernie Madoff i noticed Google gives me first news
    then as always a Wikipedia info follow by info from sites like times.

    While Bing gives me the same result with info from news source as well only with the same result Google was also able to fetch, but the difference is that with Bing you get sites with Bernie Madoff name as domain followed by the same result which Google has.

    I don’t see that much of a difference. There is nothing here that would make me think that Google’s result is as accurate as any other search engine. Especially since Bing is able to provide almost the same result and yahoo too, only difference is certain sites are rank higher than others in each major search engine. THIS TIME I THINK THE WAR HAS JUST BEGONE, WHO KNOWS WHAT NEW SEARCH ENGINE WILL COME OUT AND BLOW ALL THESE GUYS AWAY.

    Thank You
    The Chaimex inc. Guys who am i?

  • http://www.tm4y.co.za Christine

    I think what you are all leaving out of the equation is that Bing is highly likely to be a better interface to exactly the same underlying algorithm. In other words, the interface is fantastic – love the interactive bits and the related links and the info it pulls from the site itself to make available as additional links that you can immediately click on, but to my mind there is no doubt that this is lipstick on a pig, no offense intended to Microsoft. I think the underlying algo is still very much the same.

  • http://www.google.com/ig Kurt Munro

    Do they honestly think more accurate search results are going to make any difference whatsoever? It’s a subjective thing a lot of the time and makes no difference to me in the slightest.

    How will they tear me away from igoogle where I have all my RSS feeds, google docs list, gmail embedded, my calendar and bookmarks?

    They should cancel the whole thing.

  • http://www.lunalogo.com Logo Conversion


    I find that Bing is great work. It shows only exact result which required.. So I say All the Best for BIng….

  • http://www.wavelightweb.com Peter

    I think anyone who does serious research using search engines will do their search using a variety of them. No one search engine gives the exact same results and I usually find something relevant on each when I need information. BING, however gave me a result for my own EGO search that no other search engine provided and it was a tidbit that had great relevance to my family history, so for that reason alone I made Bing my homepage. I will still use Google and Yahoo to find relevant material on other serious research but now I will look through BING results too.

    Oh and by the way – “BING” is a Cherry variety that was developed in California in 1870 and named after the Chinese Immigrant ( Ah Bing ) who created this variety. I could not find that reference on GOOGLE at all but I did find BING CHERRIES on page #3 @BING. Perhaps all search engines should have the Etymology of a word on page #1 if the etymology(word origin) of the word does exist.

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