Search for Map Services

    January 11, 2006

Another goodie for those of you interested in locating web services and looking for a nifty new toolbar for use in ArcMAP…

In our most recent GISuser Spotlight on Web Services… We look at Mapdex, the place to search for geographic data – Looking for data or map services? Look no more… Mapdex ( is a global index of 1,781 servers, serving 32,433 map services, containing over 400,000 GIS Layers, covering more than 4,000,000 columns.

Taking it one step further, now you can even add a Mapdex toolbar in ArcMap providing you with direct access to the service. By default, the service returns hits based on a geographic search, resulting in servers providing access to DOQQs, aerial photos, and orthophotos. More about Mapdex and the Mapdex toolbar for ArcMAp is now authored at

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