Search Engines Swap Bids For Trader

    August 22, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Print publisher Trader Classifieds Media has become the love object of Google and Yahoo.

The Norfolk-based publishing company has been the center of numerous published rumors today. Both Google and Yahoo reportedly will make a play for the publisher of such low-tech classifieds as Auto Trader magazine.

Trader Classifieds publishes thousands of ads in hundreds of printed publications and on over 50 web sites. Each paid ad represents a little piece of revenue; add up those thousands of weekly placements and their appeal to the growth-minded search engines becomes very apparent.

Another potential player could be eBay, mentioned in a Reuters UK article. The online auctioneer already owns a piece of pure online classifieds play Craigslist, and may see a Trader acquisition as a way to offset some of the losses from sellers moving to other auction sites.

Trader has had an online presence since 1996. Its publications allow people to find autos, trucks, apartments, lodging, and many other products and services. The company says it is the world’s largest used vehicle classifieds service on the Web.

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