Search Engines Give Valentine’s Logos Love

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and three of the four big search engines have made varying efforts for your affections. The fourth one, well, let’s just say they need to sign up for a class with the Lovemaster.

How much do the search engines love their users? It depends on which one you visit. We took a tour of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Ask this morning, and did so with Internet Explorer because we’ll shoulder any hazard for our readers.

At first glance, Ask appears to have taken the simple, heartfelt approach, replacing the ‘search’ button with a big heart. But below that search box is a link to the timely Smart Answer for Valentine’s Day.

“Searching for love this Valentine

Search Engines Give Valentine’s Logos Love
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  • montini

    Hi David,

    You should check Ask.com (UK) page.

    I have also added a background image.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Sergio Montini
    Web Producer

  • AndrewT


    You should check the Urban Dictionary for the entry “Googe”:


    That might shed a little light.

    • budlight

      oh ok “Enjoy the coach Microsoft, you’re going to be sleeping there for a while.”…. I’m sure they’ll have fun in their COACH….

      • David A. Utter

        Ha, my bad. It’s been fixed, but ‘coach’ did give it kind of a medieval Valentine’s feel, didn’t it? “Larks, ‘Arry, ye best toss some straw in the coach so’s ye can sleep well.”

    • ryanb

      The “Googe” logo is definitely *not* in reference to the urban dictionary definition. (trust me, i know. :P) it refers to the poet Barnabe Googe, who’s famous for the line, “I did but see her passing by, and yet I love her till I die.”


      more explanation:


  • eschmulke

    We have to remember that these creative folks (Dennis Hwang) think very creatively and make you think. The only reason I can figure that the “l” is not there is due to the fact that it is Valentine’s Day and the “l” is “in love”. (l-ove). Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

    • David A. Utter

      I read Dennis’ explanation, which was posted after I’d written this. I knew he’d just been a little more clever than the many people, myself included, who thought ‘nah, why would he stick the L in the G?’

      If you’re going to make a ‘no L’ gag, shouldn’t you do that around Christmas time?

      • David A. Utter

        Really good designs don’t need the artist to explain them in a blog post several hours later. Sorry Dennis, but you messed up here, step up and admit it.

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