Search Engines C Demand For Programmers

    May 25, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The need for C/C++ programmers varies among the major search engine companies; Horace Greeley’s advice to go West definitely applies here.

A few months after comparing C programming job openings to those for other languages, we’re taking a look at demand for C among those most widely discussed of Internet companies, the search engines.

Searching on Google’s Jobs site for C programming brought back 87 results in a variety of positions. Software engineering figured prominently, and results for positions like Linux system administration and data modeling also appeared in the list.

Yahoo job queries go through its Careers page. A search for C programming returned 206 results, with about 170 of them posted in the month of May.

One brand new opening calls for a senior software engineer to work on web search relevance. That posting is of particular interest now that eBay and Yahoo disclosed a partnership where increased inclusion of eBay’s paid and organic results in Yahoo Search will be a focal point for collaboration.

Microsoft has so many facets of its business that looking for search jobs with the company required a little tweaking on its Career search page. We searched for C/C++/C# since a number of Microsoft’s positions list those programming skills in that way.

Also, we limited the search to Windows Live, MSN Search, and the specialized MSN services Local Search, Desktop Search, and Premium Search; we also included Microsoft AdCenter due to the closely linked nature of contextual advertising to search relevance.

Only six of Microsoft’s 52 listed positions were posted in May, two for MSN Local Search and the rest for Windows Live. Microsoft may not be eager to add headcount before the end of its fiscal year; the company did force 1,000 of its global contract staff to take an unpaid week off work. lists a number of open positions in engineering/information technology. Nineteen of those jobs reference C programming, with three posted in May.

Two of Ask’s three May positions will involve traveling east instead of west, with openings in their Piscataway, NJ facility. The job seeker who ends up there should take the opportunity to ask James Jeude and Tomasz Imielinski when System Crash will be playing another live gig.


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