Search Engine Optimization Tips

    July 16, 2004

When optimizing your website for the search engines there are certain things you want to avoid, and certain things you want to accomplish.

Objectives to accomplish:

Creat effective titles. A lot of the top search engines weigh data in your title tags heavier than other objects within your website. So you want to aim towards creating keyword rich title tags when your getting ready for Search Engine Optimization.

High Quality Meta Tags. After you have your title tags in place you want to look into having the correct meta tags within the head of your documents. Your meta tags should contain information for the search engine robots. Some main things they should include are your keywords, keyword descriptions, author tag, robots, and return tag.

Keyword Rich Content. Next to title tags, and meta tags your content is your next biggest source for search engines. When you put together content for your pages try to design certain pages for certain keyword phrases.

Incoming links. Now that everything is in place you are going to want to ensure that your website is going to be placed high in the search engines. Even though you have all of the main steps complete to get good ranks, now you need some sort of credibility. The search engines are starting to move to ranking websites with high incoming links ahead of the others. Even if your website is optimized 100 times better than another website, if their incoming links are 100 times more than what you are receiving than their search engine ranks will be higher than yours.

Objectives to avoid.

Search engine submission spamming. If you submit every single page in your website than your chances of being listed on search engines are anywhere from zero to none. Search engines are starting to ban websites from their databases because of excessive search engine submissions.

Hidden text and keywords. Big mistake. You really want to avoid tricking the search engines. This resorts to the same punishment as search engine submission spamming does. You can be banned from more than just one search engine if you are caught.

Frames Not much to say here… Using frames is probably one of the hardest ways to become indexed by search engines. Unless you really have experience in search engine submission you want to try and avoid frames as much as possible.

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