Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization Japan Announced

    August 2, 2004

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) today announced the creation of SEMPO Japan, a non-profit organization focused on educating the Japanese market place on the rapidly expanding Search Engine Marketing (SEM) industry.

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization is a non-profit, professional association working to increase awareness and promote the value of Search Engine Marketing worldwide. The organization represents the common interests of more than 245 companies and consultants worldwide, providing them with a voice in the marketplace.

The Japanese SEMPO Committee members will include:
* Chairperson – Mr. Koichiro Fukasawa, Wasabi Communications (
* Vice Chairperson (US liaison) – Ms. Motoko Hunt, AJPR (
* Committee (Research) – Mr. Yuu Tsuchiya, iRep (
* Committee (PR) – Mr. Kenji Kawada, Aun Consulting (
* Committee (Web site) – Ms. Emiko Hoshi, IOIX (
* Committee (Membership) – Mr. Koichiro Fukasawa, Wasabi Communications (

Fukasawa worked as a diplomat specializing in PR for the Japanese government and worked in various countries in Europe and Africa. In 2002, Koichiro founded Wasabi Communications Ltd., an international web promotion company, and has been an enthusiastic supporter of search engine marketing.

Barbara C. Coll, President and Chairperson of the Board of SEMPO Inc. as well as CEO of Inc., noted, “We are very excited to see this experienced and talented committee come together to form SEMPO Japan. SEMPO Japan will not only help spread the word about Search Engine Marketing, but will provide valuable research and information on the Japanese market to SEMPO members worldwide.”

Fukasawa observed, “Search engine marketing is experiencing phenomenal growth in Japan. The creation of the Japanese SEMPO Committee is a reflection of the worldwide expansion of search engine marketing and the commitment of SEMPO to reach a worldwide audience. Our goal is to further educate organizations both inside and outside Japan about the abundant opportunities of SEM.”

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