Search Engine Friendly Site Navigation

    July 6, 2004

Daniel Boone was known as one of the most famous trailblazers. Boone helped blaze a trail which later became known as the Cumberland Trail. A few years later Boone blazed the trails from the Carolinas to the, then, western territories, those trails became known as the Wilderness Roads. While people can blaze trails in the wilderness, search engine spiders cannot. Search engine spiders require through your site to find your pages.

Search engines allow you to submit your web site and sometimes your individual pages. Yahoo charges $49 per page for submission and requires a $50 escrow account to cover their cost-per-click fees. Other search engines have different fees. However, the cost may be a large burden for some small businesses.

All the major search engines have spiders that navigate through web sites so paying the extra fees may not always be required.

In order to help the search engines your web site navigation must be easy for the search engines to follow. Using dynamic variables in your web addresses cause many problems for search engine spiders. Placing important information inside the CGI-BIN directory causes many search engines is pure folly. Many search engines simply ignore the CGI-BIN directory.

Site maps can help your web site become even friendlier to the search engines. It isn’t always important to have every page in your site map. However, it is important to get your most important information listed in your site map. The logic behind this concept is based upon the two-click rule. The two-click rule simply states all pages should be no more than two clicks from the index page.

Your site navigation should be designed in such a way that all search engine spiders can navigate your site. If the spiders can’t reach your pages, the search engines can’t index your web site as well as you would like. Always design your site so it is friendly to the search engines.

Lee Roberts President/CEO of Rose Rock Design, Inc. and owner/developer of the Apple
Pie Shopping Cart
the search engine friendly shopping cart.