ZoomInfo Zeroes In On Business Info Search

    April 2, 2007

ZoomInfo has launched a business information search engine. The site is focused on allowing users to search for companies, individuals and jobs. Their database has information on over 3.5 million companies and 35 million business people.

The company uses a semantic search engine that tags, aggregates and organizes information for each company in their database.

"Just as Travelocity or Expedia provide a single search site optimized for travelers, the new ZoomInfo.com is optimized for business users," said Bryan Burdick, COO of ZoomInfo.

"Prior to this release, no site existed that allowed business users to find business information as quickly and easily as they can with ZoomInfo.com."

Users can search by company name, employee name or by job category. An earlier version of their search engine was a paid service this one is free and ad supoorted.

The search results I received were mixed. They brought back relavant companies but did not always have good people results.  I could have received the same or better results using Google or Yahoo.

This site may be useful to recruiters or employers and job seekers but most of the results can be found on a general-purpose search engine like Google.

"We’re delivering the first business information search engine that exploits the value of semantic search, which greatly increases the relevance of results," said Jonathan Stern, CEO and founder of ZoomInfo.

"Now, business users have a single site to find the information they need, instantly and without having to sift through thousands of irrelevant results."