Search Engine Finds Misspellings On eBay

    July 16, 2007

What’s the best way to get something cheap off eBay?  Bid on an auction which nobody else seems to know about.  That can be very difficult, however, so a new search engine from Branica is here to make it easier.

It’s dubbed the “eBay Auction Bargain Finder w/Misspelling Engine” – not the most graceful of names – and, as you may have already guessed, it seeks out listings in which items have been misspelled.

Be sure to check the “Get Misspellings” box, and then go to it; normal results are listed in one column, misspelled ones in another.  “Adidas” becomes “Addidas,” “ratchets” turn into “rachets,” “schnauzers” develop into “shnauzers” (or “schauzers”), and so on.

The auction prices on those misspelled items frequently seem lower, and Arthur Lee, the owner of Branica, said on URLwire, “Typically you can expect to see savings of up to 80% off the usual auction price with misspellings.”

Then again, you may waste a tiny amount of time – a search for “Romulan,” for example, turned up just two misspelled eBay auctions, and both of those were for “Colonia Romula” coins.  In another instance, a search for “gold” returned several results where the word had been abbreviated, not misspelled, into “gld.”

Still, you eBay hounds may have been given a new best friend here; while not for everyone, the eBay Auction Bargain Finder w/Misspelling Engine does have its uses.