Search Engine College Launches

    May 13, 2004

Offering classes in search engine optimization and marketing, Search Engine College has launched its web presence. Located in New Zealand, the courses SEC offers are completed online. SEC is owned by WebRank LTD and is managed by SEO expert Kalena Jordan.

A quote from SEC’s about page describes their mission: “Our courses take a holistic approach to web site promotion, focusing on the importance of web site design, functionality and usability as well as search engine compatibility. Students can choose to participate in tutor-led courses or download a self-study course to take at their own pace.”

The following is are lists of courses SEC offers:

Our tutor-supervised courses include:

  • SEO Starter
  • SEO Advanced
  • PPC Starter
  • PPC Advanced
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • Whereas the self-study courses are:

  • SEO Starter
  • SEO Advanced
  • Link Building
  • Web Site Usability
  • Web Site Copywriting
  • The classes are taught by instructor-led “short courses” and downloadable self-study courses. The courses are of the 4-6 week variety, with the exception of “the search engine optimization courses, which are ten weeks long because of the complexity of the course material.”

    Upon course completion, students will receive the Search Engine College Seal of Certification to use on their web sites. Thanks to SERoundtable for pointing this out.

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