Search Bing From Hotmail Inbox to Insert Content

    July 9, 2009
    Chris Crum

Microsoft announced today that Bing has been added to Windows Live Hotmail’s quick add feature, which itself was announced back in February. This means Hotmail users can easily search Bing for items to insert into email messages.

Users can each for maps, restaurants, movie times, images, videos and business listings from their inboxes. They can also preview and insert videos and images from the web.

Hotmail Quick Add

To use the feature:

1. Click New to create a new e-mail message.
2. Select a category from the Quick add pane on the right.
3. Type what you want to find in the Bing search box.

4. Click Insert on the Bing search result that you’d like to add to your message

Sounds easy enough right? It makes sense that Microsoft would integrate Bing into Hotmail this way. The domain already has more unique visitors than Bing (although that is on pace to change before long). Hotmail is likely a good part of the reason for that.